Dr. Stacia Pierce, Success Coach Extraordinaire

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Success Coach Stacia Pierce

Miss Millennia Magazine is for women who want it all. However, the question for many women is “How do I achieve it all?” That is where women’s success coach Dr. Stacia Pierce comes in. Stacia is a CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises, which is a million-dollar conglomerate of six businesses. If that is not impressive enough, she has also written 21 books that inspire and coach women and entrepreneurs to build their own businesses and go for their dreams.  Stacia Pierce is a prime example of a woman who wants it all, and she manages it well. I had a chance to chat with this amazing woman and get to know not only her path to success, but how she manages to go after everything she wants in life. So the question I had to ask Stacia was “How?”

We all dream of cool careers, and one of the most difficult parts about imagining your dream career is that you do not know how to get into it. She responded, “I started motivational speaking 15 years ago; at first with just women and women’s groups. I was really trying to help women find their passion, their purpose, to succeed and it just kind of exploded from there.” Stacia mentioned that at this time she had the book 25 Ways Women Can Motivate Themselves published and many people would read it and ask her to come and speak about the work. So Stacia had already been published as an author when she began her career as a motivational speaker. So the question is what came first; the writer or the motivational speaker? Why not start from the beginning.

From Humble Beginnings

Stacia Pierce grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was told by all her classmates in high school that she would lead women someday because she was always getting the girls together and helping them make themselves better. This could be encouraging them to go for a new haircut, or helping them reinvent their overall style.  Her classmates had great foresight since this today is true.  “Growing up I loved to help people and see their life change and see them get better,” Stacia mentioned. Little did she know that she would hold on to this passion for some time. Stacia went to the Western Michigan University for a little while and  majored in business. Upon deciding that she did not much care for it, she moved to Atlanta with a friend and enrolled into aesthetician school. There she joined a company called Beauty Control which was a direct sales company with make-up.  At the age of 18 she went to the top quickly. “I was making good money having make-up parties, I loved fashion and make-up. I decided this is what I want to do.” Years later, she ended up back in Michigan and a few years after that met her husband and around that time decided to go back to school. This time she went in a bit of a different direction and ended up getting her doctorates in Ministry, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. All of the things she learned upon getting her education from business to beauty to religion all contributed in some way or another to her career as a motivational speaker. But a lot of it comes from her intuition and life experiences. While her majors seemed to change, Stacia says she never really felt confused about what her career path was.

“I really felt like my career just evolved over time. When I was doing the make-up thing I was all for it and I thought hey this is my passion and as that faded out, it never really went away, it just evolved. I feel like that is what a lot of people do. Sometimes we are looking for this one thing that we should for the rest of our life and sometimes we get to a place where we feel we are getting complacent and we no longer want to do that thing anymore. And that is just because we are evolving into something bigger. I always knew that I was where I was supposed to be.”

So that explains how Dr. Pierce got into motivational speaking, but what about the books? With an agenda like Dr. Pierce’s it is difficult to see how she managed to write books too.  She says she wrote her first book when she was 17 called Beauty: The Inside Story that talked about self-esteem for women. It was picked up by bookstores and many college campuses. From there she started writing whenever she had a chance to and went on to write and publish 21 books over the course of 25 years. Not only that, but she developed a system where she can get a book written in 60-90 days! Inspire to succeed is her favorite book she has written since it was her first hard bound book. “Another reason why this is my favorite book is because I was in a place where I had true success. I got to a place where my businesses were doing really well, and I had a lot of wisdom to share with people.” Stacia loves what she does and she simply found different outlets to inspire others to be their very best.

Can a woman have it all?

When it comes to balancing it all, Stacia admits that making time for your passion and your personal life is a very important lesson to learn. “I have to pick and choose the season I am in and what I am doing, so for example right now, writing is not my main focus. Right now my main focus is my coaching program called My Millionaire Membership Club; this a six month coaching course for people who want to go into their business full-time. I really want people to succeed as entrepreneurs so it is something I am really excited about right now.” Stacia admitted that one of her biggest struggles came from not having a set system in place which is something that she has mastered now and coaches others on how to build their own structure.

When she talks about building a system she does not mean just for her six conglomerate businesses, but also in her family life. She stressed the importance of making time for your family while still making time for your business. One struggle Stacia says she had at one point was between her and her husband traveling so much.  “We were traveling so much I felt like our lives were going in different directions. And that can make a relationship suffer a bit. He was traveling, I was traveling, and we were in different states and then we pulled it in and said let’s make our schedules fit together. So over the last four or five years, we have travelled together. So if I am doing a women’s conference, my husband will sit there with all those women and support me.” With this same balancing act come Stacia’s businesses. Her coaching business, Style shop, a jewelry company, which her daughter runs now, a nail polish company, success products, and a publishing company. She calls herself a serial entrepreneur and she says that running several businesses is relatively easy when you have a set system for it all. So after hearing Stacia’s story there was one thing on my mind, something I really wanted to hear from her. Can a woman really have it all?

Drs. James and Stacia Pierce RED pp

We have a generation of women who seem to believe so. Stacia answered, “I think that if you can balance it, you definitely can! I have that. I have a career, a family, tons of activities to take part in. I do not think you must have either/or. I have one woman in my coaching program that has three young children and has her own radio show, and yet another woman in her 60s who after attending my program makes six figures! There are lots of things a woman can do; it is just a matter of knowing what you need to do. I have seen it
done and I know it can be done.” Stacia is a prime example of a modern woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Not only does she have much wisdom to share, but her story itself is enough to get any woman out and pursuing her dreams. Upon the completion of our interview I asked Stacia if she had any inspiring words for the women of Miss Millennia Magazine and she stated,

“Get started as soon as possible [pursuing your dreams], even while you are in college. Don’t wait and think you have to finish school or get a job first. Right now it is so easy to get ahead with blogging, online businesses, and the internet in general. It is so easy to make a name for yourself and to get out there and do what it is you really want to do. Research what you want to do and be around good people. It is so helpful to be around other people who think like you and want to do the things that you want to do, people who want to succeed as much as you do.”

If you want to learn more about Stacia Peirce and her success programs check her out at www.lifecoach2women.com.

Dr. Stacia Pierce

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