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Lisette Ffolkes: Emerging Fashion Designer

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Lisette Ffolkes Walking into the Kimera bridal store and entering Lisette’s working station, you become enthralled with her small fashion domain. As Assistant Designer/Seamstress, she helps to design, sew dresses, and creates jewelry pieces providing a different element to the traditional bridal wear. But as you watch her work, you wonder how did she get here?

Lisette hails from Brooklyn, New York of Jamaican and Puerto Rican descent. Being familiar with Lisette’s work from high school, it was only proper to ask what sparked her interest and journey within fashion. She, so skillfully, said that she was searching for something that would bring all her talents together. She drew, loved performances, and creating new things. By the time she designed and created her high school prom dress, she knew that fashion was her calling. And so she attended the University of Delaware, and recently graduated obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Apparel. Her four-year University of Delaware journey honed her craft and truly granted her the title of an emerging fashion designer.

Her freshmen year she entered University of Delaware somewhat inexperienced, and was put to the challenge to create a garment out of non-traditional items like newspaper, plastic, etc. This project landed her the first place winner in the Annual Senior Show. But her accolades did not stop there. As she matured more in the industry, her color choices and patterns altered and she began to focus more on details. Her love for details and her inspirations from her abroad experiences, like Puerto Rico and Hong Kong, landed her first place titles in the Red Carpet Scholarship: Fashion Design Competition and The Fashion Group of Philadelphia. She was also the recipient of the 2009 Fashion and Apparel Studies Initiative Award. Along with her recognition, she also indulged herself in many internship experiences ranging from internships with Tracy Reese as a technical designer, to a buyer of Raven Denim, to working for Donna Karen. It is no doubt that Lisette emerged herself fully within the industry learning various aspects from the apparel to the business/corporate part. Lisette embodies a person who took all her opportunities to be that much of a better designer. Ten years from now, watch out for Lisette’s established global business. Her inspiring words for the women who wants it all: “Internships are the best things you can possibly do because they lead to connections. Those connections are imperative because of the nature of the industry. It’s also good to go on informational interviews, where you are not necessarily applying for the job but meeting with people and putting yourself out there. But most importantly, be confident in what you make.” To delve deeper into her craft and designs, visit Lisette’s website at

Lisette Ffolkes

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