5 Best Hair Care Brands In 2021 For Remarkable Hair

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My name is Joi and I am a popular hair products junkie. Since going natural in 2014, I have easily accumulated over 250 best hair care products for curly hair. From top hair care products by John Frieda to Mielle, curl-defining favorite hair care products and amino acids, dry shampoo and depositing masks—you name any best hair products, I’ve used it! And now I’m here to break down the best hair care brands in 2021 for Black hair and these are some of the top hair products which you will absolutely love it!

I have truly tried all sorts of hair care products list after reading a blog article on hair care tips at home and all of it was EXPENSIVE. Now you might ask, “what are good hair products and what is the best natural hair care products?” This is why I am here to solve your confusion with best hair brands. I’m writing this, hoping to save you a bit of money and time with these best hair care brands! And who doesn’t like both of those things, especially when it’s hair care products for black hair? So after reading this article, you no longer need to search for “the best amazon hair products for black hair” or “best hair products for women.” Hence, this is a list of must have hair products!

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In this article, I’ll tell you why I chose these five good hair care products products, how they’ve worked for me, and then list the pros and cons of each one of these good hair products. So, sit back, relax, and hold onto your wallets until you’re finished reading about the best hair care brands for black hair and find out the in-depth details of these top hair care brands!

1. Max Prime

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On the EXTREMELY RARE occasion, and I am talking maybe once a year, I get the urge to straighten my hair. I am talking hot oil treatment, protein repair treatment, deep treatment conditioner, and a mask! I take every precaution to keep my hair safe and healthy from heat styling. It’s one of the best hair care brands so far on this list. Best hair products 2020 might seem irrelevant in front of this particular product.

Now, after all of that, I can finally get to straightening my hair without the headache of texturizing hair. Another precaution you can take in order to protect your curls is to use high-quality equipment. Have you heard of the Max Prime by InStyler? This is not your mother’s flat iron by any means. It can fall easily into your bucket list of favourite hair products. Now you might ask, is it among the trending hair products 2020? No need to worry about the best hair product 2020. I can assure you it is one of the great hair products in 2021! Good hair brands deliver, what they promise. And I have found Max Prime as one of the best hair care companies for best professional hair care!

max prime by instyler

It is listed in my list of best hair product brands because it has the ability to straighten and curl while also leaving your hair shiny and smooth. This type of styler hair treatment products flaunts a 1.25-inch tourmaline ceramic barrel that rotates and the other half has two rows of bristles that separate and smooth your hair and then adds on the shine! 

Here is a tip: make sure the barrel is rolling in the direction of your hair cuticles to max out the shine in your hair. Once you finish one side of your hair, change the direction that the barrel is rolling by tapping it twice. This is why it’s in my list of hair products as one of the amazing hair care products! Top hair brands should follow Max Prime as an example to deliver value.

My hair is thick with 2 c’s but straightening my hair usually takes no more than an hour. I wrap it up in a silk scarf when I shower, sleep, or work out and when I am ready, I unwrap it, fresh it and I’m ready to go! My hair lasts for as long as I care for it in that state.



Straightening my hair has never gone as quickly as it has while using the Max Prime. Any trending hair products that can get my hair done quickly with great results will always get an A+ from me and I will include it in my list of best professional hair care brands! However, most professional hair care products brands fail to live up to my expectations. I believe it’s important for any professional hair product brands to deliver results fast. Top rated professional hair care products should focus on this part.


The rotating barrel keeps the heat moving so it’s not sitting on my hair for too long. Minimizing risk should be included in 10 benefits hair product list. Whether it’s best hair products Canada or best hair products USA, everyone should bear this in their hair product catalog.


The price is great for a high-quality item! And unlike other luxury hair styling products, it will last for years. It’s one of those special feeling hair products by using which you don’t have to worry about other 25 hair product which “might” seem to work.



When using the professional hair care brands you might seem to forget about the hazards that come with it. The heat settings can reach 425 degrees. Don’t straighten your hair at such a high temperature unless you actually need it. I was happy with using 315 degrees (the second to last setting). The best way to test the temperature is to start low and work your way up from there. 


Be careful around that barrel! There is no shield to protect you or any of your other melt-able things on your counter. 

2. New Wash

As a baby natural back in 2014, I learned that shampoo can be bad for your scalp due to the detergents found in many of them. New Wash, one of the awesome hair care products I came across because my scalp needed to be cleaned but I was terrified of shea butter shampoos. This is one of those hair companies that make hair products understanding that having clean hair does not mean that it has to be stripped and needs deep conditioning all the time. Argan oil and natural oils are suggested by every celebrity hairstylist often. But speaking from my personal experience, I recommend, New Wash for perfect color treated hair and complete hair treatment solution. You might think of using dove keratin shots, but trust me, New Wash is much better than that. 

 hairstory new wash

Do you love the planet? Good, because I do too and so does New Wash. As a product junkie, I am well aware of the number of plastic tubs, bottles, etc., that I personally contribute and it makes me feel like a big ol’ doo-doo. 

New Wash uses 63% less plastic by using pouches instead! Plus, their product doubles as shampoo and conditioner so wash day is a little bit easier making it easy hair products. 

New Wash is targeted for all hair types and it promises to transform your hair–which it did for me! You can call New Wash as one of the essential hair products for curly hair or exclusive hair care products for straight hair. When I step out of the shower after using New Wash, my hair feels clean and moisturized, never dry or stripped. 

To the pros and cons! 



I have read a lot of gemma hair care reviews but after using New Wash my hair loves their product and the Earth loves that it uses much less plastic. It is the basic hair product line and among the best hair care products compared to gen hair products and go hair products. Goodbye loads of plastic bottles in landfills and oceans!


I can buy up to a 32 oz pouch so I don’t have to buy as often (especially because I have a heavy hand while using products). 



New Wash is great, but I love to leave a bit of conditioner in my hair at the end of my shower for a bit more moisturizing power. But, because it is also a shampoo, I always make sure to rinse it out completely. 

new wash by hairstory unboxing


3. Pattern

Before finding best hair care products for aging hair, I was at a standstill with my hair. After 7 years of trying products on and off, my hair was healthier than it was. However, I was still damaging my hair with relaxers, but it was still dry, frizzy, and constantly matted. I was more frustrated than ever. After trying out Pattern, I can assure you it is the best hair care product for split ends I’ve used so far. 

best hair care brands Pattern on display

I remember walking through the aisles at my local ULTA feeling utterly defeated. My dry hair was mocking me under my baseball cap.

And then I saw the bright yellow packaging of Pattern stacked on a shelf. I had never heard of Pattern before. I was so confused because, prior to this, I have heard of and tried nearly every product meant for natural hair on the market.

“Ah, what the hell”, I thought, and chose a leave-in conditioner, a styling cream, and a stronghold gel. I replaced them throughout my weekly hair care routine and I couldn’t have been happier!

The difference in my hair after a single wash was night and day. Not only was my hair frizz-free and more moisturized than ever before, but it changed how I felt about my own hair pattern and type. 

I wear wash and gos now more than ever and my hair is so bouncy and healthy-looking! I should probably contact Tracee Ellis Ross for my percentage of her sales because I recommend her line of hair care products for natural hair to literally everyone that I meet.

So let’s break it down to our pros and cons list:



My hair stays moist for days without having to reapply and without weighing down my hair.


Pattern has definitely helped to form my curls and coils on wash day and they stay that way even after drying. I can add Pattern is also the best hair care products for curly hair.



After many uses, I’ve noticed that when I use a bit too much gel, it can be a little flaky once it dries. 


Pattern is on the pricier side of natural hair products. I believe these products are worth it, but that does not mean it doesn’t hurt my wallet just a bit when I have to reup on my supply! So lookout for holiday sales! It’s highly recommended in the list of best holiday hair care products!

4. Prose

best hair care brands Prose on handDo you still have confusion about which hair care products is best? Let me get started, I come from a large family, so when someone swears by a product, I take their advice and run with it. One of my sisters recommended Prose, around the same time that I became hip to using Pattern. She described it as hair care but personalized. And that is exactly what it was! 

I have always been a sucker for taking fun quizzes online in order to pass the time. Prose has an online quiz because they work with all hair types—even hair that has been dry damaged! After taking the quiz, Prose reviewed what ingredients would work best for my hair and scalp, along with what fragrance I would like for my personalized products. I decided to order the shampoo, conditioner, and wet hair mask. 

After wetting my hair, I applied the mask and let it sit while I washed up and sang along to some of my shower jams. After about 15 minutes or so, I rinsed it out and used the shampoo (only on my roots) and then the conditioner. I have never looked back after using these best hair care brands. 

My hair had never looked so healthy after washing it before. It was clean and soft, without feeling stripped. 

I often switch between using these products and New Wash, depending on what I am feeling that wash day. Believe me when I say that these products will leave your hair feeling refreshed and ready for hot girl summer 2021! So, pros and cons: 



There are not a lot of things that I get to personalize and I loved the idea of this company just for that. It works so well with my hair makes it even better!


I love that I can pick and choose exactly what ingredients and fragrances are used in the products. Prose gives you a list of exactly what you do and doesn’t want in your products. For example, coconut oil, sulfate-free ingredients, dry scalp aid, and floral scent.



This one is pretty expensive as well. The shampoo and conditioner come in only 8.5 oz so I have to buy more a little more often than I would like due to my heavy use of products, especially conditioner. 


Because it is independently selected just for you, you can only buy online. This means you have to plan ahead for when you’re close to running out. A huge con for forgetful people like me. 

5. Hair Wax Dye

Even though I have been a natural-haired girl for almost 7 years, my biggest fear, after heat damage, was hair color. I’ve watched too many videos and read too many accounts of natural girls (and guys) damaging their hair beyond repair. I have always been happy with my natural dark brown-black hair color, but when summer rolls around I always get a bit sad that I can’t color my hair cotton candy pink or aqua…until now.

best hair care brands purple hair woman

You have probably heard of Overtone and have been dragging your feet about trying it. Well, this is your call to action! Order some fun colors now and have fun with your hair color without the fear of damaging your hair! 

When you first arrive on their page, guess what…there’s a quiz to find your perfect color! I obviously took it and my results directed me to magenta, rose gold, or pink–perfect. I was happy to know that I would not need bleach or anything for this hair color. 

To keep the color longer, condition your hair with their conditioner, which re-saturates the color. All you have to do is apply it to dry hair (in sections), leave it to sit for up to 15 minutes, rinse, and you’re done! It’s great for long-term wear with absolutely no damage.

Now is time for the pros and cons:



After using this on my hair multiple times, I’ve noticed that there is absolutely no damaged hair. This has quelled my fears of adding color as much as I want from now on! 


Using Overtone colors was easy to use, and it was quick! I hate sitting around doing my hair all day but thanks to their 15-minute max setting period, I could color my hair faster than ever. There is no mixing of products or aluminum foil needed either. 


Overtone’s prices are not too expensive which is great because I am very indecisive so I can get as many as I want without my wallet being completely cleaned out. 



If your hair is dark like mine, the color won’t be very vibrant. However, I was very happy with the results I did have aka I didn’t have to step into the sun in order to see the color! But we are used to that already, aren’t we dark-haired ladies? 


In order to have the hair color last as long as possible, you have to use their daily conditioner. I love that the color could last longer, but I love to use my other conditioners to keep my hair happy. 

best hair care brands black woman with natural curly 2c hair smiling

And that is it, my dear readers: my own best hair care brands list that I have personally used and have fallen in love with so far this year!

Don’t be like me and Google “hair products for Black hair” and buy half a dozen products to see what happens. I was hoping you could save your money and let me know what you think about these best hair care brands and the best hair care products in 2021 in the comments section below! Until then…hair, take care.


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