5 Techniques to Stand Out When Applying for a New Job

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5 Techniques to Stand Out When Applying for a New Job

In a saturated job market where no one is hiring, it can be hard to stand out when applying for a job. However, there are some tried and tested techniques you can use effectively.

#1: Spend a Lot of Time on Your Resume

Because they feel their application isn’t seen by hiring managers, only 33% of Americans trust the hiring process. However, you can guarantee to get ahead if you spend the time on your first impression. So, if you want to stand out, make sure your resume and cover letter are made for the job you are applying for. Try not to use generic ones for multiple applications. You should highlight the essential skills for the job you are applying for.

#2: Impress Interviewers by Researching the Company

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Interviews can make you nervous. Most of the time, though, you can have fun if you are well-prepared. You can make a good impression even if you don’t have all the skills on the list. And employees love it when they are excited about their work. So learn as much as possible about the company you are applying to. Always take the time to read their mission statement, what they stand for, and what’s new. This will help you figure out how you might fit into a role.

#3: Demo Your Work to Stand Out When Applying for a New Job

You might have work to show if you come from a professional or artistic background. For example, if you have a portfolio of work or examples of projects you’ve worked on, include them in your application. This can show that you know and understand the job you are applying for. Likewise, you can put things on your resume, like writing samples or articles that have been published. But also any work you’ve done in design, examples of code, or presentations.

#4: Be Confident About Who You are and Your Skills

When you apply for a job, you should be sure of yourself and be excited about the opportunity. You can show this in your application materials and interviews. Use positive language in your application materials to show how much you want the job. For example, when applying for a specific job at a company, you could say something like, “I’m excited about the chance to work for this company, and I’m sure I would be a good fit.” Try to keep your language as positive as possible.

#5: Don’t be Afraid to Follow Up with the Company

These days, this is almost a must. Still, a lot of people don’t do it. However, you will never be turned down for following up with a company. And management will like the energy. So, after sending in your application, you should follow up with the company to show that you are still interested in the job. This can help people remember you and show how much you care about the job. But keep in mind that hiring people can take time, so be patient while you wait for a response.


It is very challenging these days to stand out when applying for a new job. However, you can boost your chances if you tailor your CV, demonstrate your work and follow up after applying.

5 Techniques to Stand Out When Applying for a New Job

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