8 Essential Life Skills You Can Learn at Home

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Thanks to the accessibility of the internet, learning new skills has become cheaper, easier and a lot more convenient. Since you can study entire university courses online, it’s only right to assume you can learn other skills with the help of the internet. Enter life skills; essential skills that you can use at any point in your life. There are very loose definitions of what a life skill actually is, but it ultimately boils down to a skill that can be used whatever situation you are in, regardless of your cultural background, religion, country or even your age.

To give you an idea of some life skills that are incredibly useful, here are a list of 8 modern life skills that you can learn online in the comfort of your own home. These make excellent hobbies, and they’re far more productive and useful than just lounging around watching television (unless the program is teaching you something!).

life skills at home

Medical Care

A lot of people underrate the advantages of learning medical skills on your own. In the event that someone is bleeding, suffering from a stroke or even just experiencing pain, there are plenty of ways to comfort and treat them and it helps to know these skills. Many of these medical care skills can be learned online. Whether it’s an online CPR certification, understanding how to treat cuts and wounds, or even just simple advice to help soothe the pain of someone else, you can learn these skills on the internet or even through books.


Did you know that you can create cheap DIY cleaning spray using just baking soda, vinegar and water? It’s far cheaper than buying sprays from a store and they’re also just as effective. Housekeeping tips are fantastic for saving you money on expensive cleaning supplies and also learning how to keep your home looking new and sparkling for when guests visit, or whenever you need to do some spring cleaning. Learning housekeeping can also improve your family’s hygiene and prevent the spread of things such as diseases and illnesses, and they are good habits that can be passed down to your children.


If you’ve ever wanted to switch onto a healthier diet, there’s no cheaper method than to learn how to cook. Not only does it save you a ton of money on grocery shopping and eating out, it’s also a fun and useful skill to learn that will impress your friends and family. Eating healthily is all about understanding what you’re putting into your meals, meaning if you cook from scratch, you can perfectly balance all the nutrients that you need. Cooking is another fantastic skill to pass down to your children, and it’s a brilliant way to bring people together.

DIY Repairs

Ever paid a plumber an exorbitant amount of money just to unclog your toilet? Don’t worry, almost all of us have been there at some point and it pains us to pay the money. If that’s the case, why not learn to unclog your own toilet? In fact, why not learn DIY skills and invest money in a toolbox to fix everything from the doors and windows to your television? Learning how to fix items around the house can save you a ridiculous amount of money, and you’ll also learn how to improve those items and do your own home renovations.

life skills at home


5. Internet Skills

Internet skills can be anything from searching up information to learning how to create your own website. We’re all connected through the internet and it pays to understand how the web works. You can use the internet to keep up with friends and family, learn cooking recipes, read informative posts like this one, and even help you shorten tasks that you perform at home. It goes without saying that learning to use technology is important in the modern age, and that’s why you should start with learning how to use the internet.

6. Time Management

Managing your time is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do when you have a family and a job to worry about. However, it’s important to learn how to manage your time so that you don’t feel like you’re constantly in a rush and to give yourself more free time to do the things you enjoy. Start by using a schedule and planning out your day, and then try to focus on completing tasks as soon as possible by avoiding procrastination and accurately estimating how much time you need to finish your daily chores.  

7. Communicating

Communicating with people is an important life skill that everyone should strive to learn. Whether it’s meeting with friends, going for a job interview or even meeting locals in another country, it’s important to understand how to approach them when communicating and how to avoid frustrating or insulting them. The way you talk and your body language have a huge impact on your approachability, making it important to learn how to communicate properly.

8. Budgeting 

No one has infinite amounts of money, hence why we need to learn how to budget. Take your monthly income and then subtract all of your expenses. Start by calculating necessary expenses like your rent and then slowly add on additional luxury costs such as your cable TV subscription or phone bill. If you subtract your monthly expenses from your income and find you have very little money left over, then it’s time to rethink your budgeting strategy. There are lots of budgeting apps to use that will help you monitor your expenditure, but a better way of doing this is to simply cut down luxuries.

Do you really need unlimited phone calls and texts now that people use the internet more? Do you have to own a cable TV subscription? Do you really need to buy expensive computer games? Learn to save money so you have emergency funds and monitor your budget properly so you fall into debt. Money management is an incredibly important skill at all stages of your life, so take it seriously.


To give you an idea of some life skills that are incredibly useful, here are 8 modern life skills that you can learn online in the comfort of your own home

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