5 Things to Expect With a Career In Emergency Management

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5 Things to Expect With a Career In Emergency Management

Without a doubt, emergency response professionals are some of the most underappreciated workers as far as financial compensation is concerned. Not only do they have to show acts of bravery every day, but most of them also have to do so while risking their lives. When we consider the fact that most of these professionals also have families at home, the fact that they are not as appreciated as they should become a little more frustrating. Moreover, this is another reason why these professionals are the most respected people in other aspects of their lives. Worth noting, this includes anyone who is actively currently looking for emergency management jobs as their career path. Speaking of which, there are a number of things to get prepared for if you are indeed looking to become a professional in this field. 

Apart from some of the things we have discussed already, other parts of emergency management do have the ability to give you quite the shock. Nonetheless, the adrenaline and excitement is all a part of the experience of being an emergency management professional. Now that we understand what this line of work can be like, it is worth taking a closer look at more things to expect out of it. With all of that said, here are five things to expect from a career in emergency management.

#5: Extensive Training

Here are five things to expect from a career in emergency management.

Given how demanding and complex these jobs are, one thing to expect is extensive training. This is mainly due to the fact that any mistakes made can end up costing people’s lives. This is the extent of this line of work. However, as a professional in this field, you also have to balance responsibility. In other words, you have to learn not to hold yourself responsible for any mistakes made along the way. Mistakes happen to the most experienced professionals. Instead, make sure to learn from those mistakes and to not make them again.

#4: Different Career Options

To be clear, not all jobs in emergency management require working with direct emergencies. In fact, a good chunk of the jobs in this field are oversight and guidance jobs. There are even separate career niches within this department such as healthcare management. These are positions such as being a hospital executive, working in pharmaceutical companies, and other jobs that require more brain than a quick response. However, this doesn’t mean that these jobs don’t have there own unique hurdles. Like any other job, these jobs also take some learning, collaborating, and getting used to.

#3: Accurate Passing Of Information and Communication

Another thing that you are going to have to learn is how to accurately pass on information. For that matter, communication is going to have to be a strong suit of yours if you want a career in this field. If it isn’t, you have to learn the skill quickly. The reason this is an important skill to know is mostly due to the nature of the field itself. As alluded to before, any misinformation, in extreme cases, can end up costing someone’s life.

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#2: Lots Of Emergency Testing and Planning

Making lots of tests and emergency plans is another thing to expect in emergency management. As we can imagine, there is more harm done than good by just blindly going to the call of an emergency. There needs to be a plan of execution out in place as a way to work as effectively and quickly as possible. For this reason, you can also expect to be working in a fast-paced environment. If that is something that doesn’t interest you, then maybe emergency management is not the right career path for you.

#1: Collaboration With Local Communities

5 Things to Expect With a Career In Emergency Management

If you couldn’t guess by now, the most important thing to expect in this field is collaboration. In fact, working with your fellow co-workers is an essential part of any job. However, what you may have expected is the fact that you may have to do some collaborating with local communities. Whether it is through an emergency or as a way to build a bond, working well with the people you help will go a long way in making your job easier. It may even allow you to make life-long connections with people as well.

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Here are five things to expect from a career in emergency management. #missmillmag #career


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