5 Dependable Items You Need To Be Successful In The Workplace

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5 Dependable Items You Need To Be Successful In The Workplace fb

We all want to be successful in everything we do. You want to be successful in your relationships, health, and especially career. I mean you are getting paid to do what is hopefully your ideal job, so of course, you want to succeed at it. I bet you are already killing it, but there are a few key items that can help to further increase your success in the workplace. You may already have some these and others you may feel foolish for not having. Well, no worries. Check out these 5 dependable items you need in order to be successful in the workplace.

1. Watch

Honestly, this is necessary not just to be successful in the workplace but successful in life. You need a reliable watch that helps keep you on time in your busy life. There is nothing worse than purchasing some cheap watch that dies all the time, causing you to be late for everything. No, a good watch is a dependable item you must invest in. You may not think it’s that important but just picture this. Your watch has just died for the third time causing you to be late to a meeting. Now, of course, you explain that your watch died but that would be your third time using that excuse. People in your office may not look at you as a dependable or reliable individual anymore. So trust me, invest in a good watch.

2. Pen

successful in the workplace

A dependable pen is not as important as a good watch but it still just as needed. This may seem like such a minute detail to make yourself more successful in the workplace but it honestly makes all the difference. Think about your typical workday. I would imagine it is constantly on the go with multiple documents or forms that need to be signed. How many times throughout the day are spent with you searching for a pen or even one that works? I don’t know about you but I know I spend a great majority of my time doing just that. This is the time that could be dedicated to something else. Plus, you would have one less annoyance if you had a dependable pen right at your disposal.

3. Glasses/Contacts

successful in the workplace

Out of all of these, having a dependable pair of glasses and/or contacts from Pure Optical is the most important. There is no way you can be successful in the workplace if you can barely see. And unlike the other items on this list, you can actually purchase a dependable pair without breaking the bank. DiscountGlasses.com provides high-quality lenses with frames that start at just $9.95. Not only are they affordable but they also have a host of killer cute frames. Plus, DiscountGlasses.com offers free shipping on any size order and 365-day free return shipping. It’s almost like they want you to be successful in the workplace.

successful in the workplace

If you are more of a contact lenses person over glasses, there is also DiscountContanctLenses.com which also has the lowest prices guaranteed, free shipping for orders over $99 and a 365-day free return-including if your prescription changes within 1 year. Plus, they offer a 20% off discount for new customers. So there is nothing but wins here! Now with prices being that great for both contact lenses and glasses, you would be safest getting both. Or if you are just a glasses person, getting two pairs of glasses. I have had difficulty with both and was so thankful that I had backup visuals. You would hate to lose a contact at work or accidentally break your glasses and have no backups. So be sure to hop on those great deals so you take that extra step to being more successful in the workplace.

4. Chair

successful in the workplace

Having a reliable chair is probably one of the most important items you need to be successful in the workplace. Depending on what your job is, you probably spend a great deal of time sitting, whether it be in a meeting or in front of your computer. According to Applied Workplace, on average, millions of us spend six to ten hours a day sitting in an office chair. That is quite a bit of time to be sitting and can only do damage if you are not properly supported by your chair. In fact:

Lower back pain and neck pain caused by pressure mounting on the spinal discs are common maladies experienced by the office worker.  But hours of sitting down can also increase your risk of dying an early death. Apparently, spending 11 hours a day sitting can increase your chance of developing a cardiovascular condition by 50%, even if you take regular exercise.  Experts who have read the findings of this study go on to recommend those office workers take a break and walk around a bit regularly (every 15 to thirty minutes) in order to counteract the negative effects of sitting down for prolonged periods. But short of setting reminders on your clock and dropping everything you’re doing to walk a lap of your office building every 15 minutes, having an ergonomic chair, measured to fit our body proportions perfectly, is the one of the only ways we can ensure that we do not suffer back pain as a result of our desk job (Applied Workplace).

Having the right chair can make all the difference for you to be successful in the workplace.

5. Shoes

I have always found shoes in the workplace to be the most difficult thing. You want something that is comfortable yet still professional, especially if you are walking around all day. Just like the chair, you can come across some serious health issues if you don’t have the proper comfort on your feet. Invest in a few pair of shoes that are work appropriate but also comfortable for you to be running around in.

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You can not go wrong with adding these 5 dependable items to your life. While some may seem like minute details, they will come to make all the difference. So get out there and go be hella successful loves!


Is there something you couldn’t live without in the workplace? Something that makes you more successful? Share it below in the comments section!





Applied Workplace

We all want to be successful in our career but you may be missing a few key pieces. Here are 5 dependable items you need to be successful in the workplace.

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