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This Is The Perfect Gift For Travelers

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This Is The Perfect Gift For Travelers

Getting the perfect gift for travelers in your life can be difficult—especially when not much traveling is happening! Here’s an idea you don’t want to miss. If you can’t help them get to a new destination in person, you can give them a beautiful map instead. There are many reasons this makes for an excellent gift for travelers! Let’s discuss.

Your City Can Be Art

Are you or any of your loved ones folks who just can’t resist a map? Even the plainest ones fascinate you, but let’s be clear: we are not talking about plain, old maps. Just take a look at these amazing wooden wall maps made with laser cutting technology. Every detail is perfect thanks to the computer-driven process used to make them. 

Materials are an important consideration when choosing art, but despite the high-tech process used to make them, these beauties are made from good, old-fashioned natural wood. 

Office Art

Maps are fantastic as office art—especially in spots where people may find themselves waiting or sitting around.

A striking map is a great feature for reception areas. After all, your location is part of your brand’s marketing mix, so if your company is looking for an impressive piece to place right where it will catch the eye when people walk through the door, it’s worth considering including an arty map in the decor.

You can find unique map designs on online shops like Etsy, where individual artists can even customize your order. Shop for a map on Etsy now!

Home Decor

When it comes to your own home, a beautiful map makes for a great gift too. All you need is a space on the wall. Wood is neutral and goes with most decor styles. The lines of your city map do have a modern look, but the fact that it’s made of wood will make it a comfortable fit with classic antique furnishing styles too. 

As for your friends and family, a wooden city map will suit most tastes. It will be even more meaningful if you choose the city where they live or the one they grew up in as its subject. And yes, you can choose. 


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On a final note, a beautiful map belongs where it can be gazed at rather than glanced at. It will be a focal point no matter where it’s hung, but few people will be able to resist the temptation of following those lines and filling in the gaps with memories and places they know well.

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You may not be able to give your friends the “keys to the city,” but you can give them the city itself, at least, if you choose this format! It really does make for the perfect gift for travelers.

This Is The Perfect Gift For Travelers

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