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8 Easy Steps To Help You Overcome Your Fears & Anxiety

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Fear and anxiety may cause you to not do certain activities or hold you back, which may keep you from reaching your full potential. Now is the time to figure out a game plan for admitting to what makes you feel fearful or full of anxiety and taking action.

Here are eight steps to help you overcome your fears and anxiety so you can feel proud of yourself and move on to bigger and better achievements.

1. Reset & Take Deep Breaths

Overcome your fears and anxiety by taking a step back initially. Take a time out and think through what makes you feel afraid or anxious and the reasons why.

Deep breaths always work for quick soothing

You can process your thoughts more effectively and think clearly when you’re relaxed. Rest and take deep breaths as you identify what brings about these emotions in you and then be prepared to tackle your fears and anxiety head-on.

Always breathe through any panic you do feel so that you can calm your mind and body and re-evaluate from a rested state. Something that can also help your breathing exercises is called the Calmigo.

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2. Read Up On the Topic

Once you identify your fears then you should consider learning more about them. Read up on the topic and know that you’re not alone. You can also find ways to challenge your fears and comfort yourself.

For example, if you are afraid of flying then you can read up on MRO and learn about all the regulations and practices involved in keeping the planes and passengers safe.

Discover facts that help support the idea that you’ll be safe and secure when you get on that plane to take off. Learning more about your fear and all the ways that it may not be as bad as you believe can help you overcome it.

3. Face It Head On

Ultimately, you should try to face your fears and anxiety if you’re going to eventually overcome them. It’s easier said than done but is a great step in the right direction to helping you positively cope with what scares you or makes you anxious.

Following through with action is an effective way to put your mind at ease and will help you stop overthinking and get you on track to overcoming what is making you feel a certain way. Take it one step and day at a time and work toward coming to terms with whatever bothers you the most so you can free yourself from this worry.

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4. Review Evidence

Another step to help you overcome your fears and anxiety is to review and look at the evidence. For instance, if you’re fearful of spiders then you can look up stats on how often they are harmful to humans and all the benefits they offer.

You may start to see them in a new and different light and not as harmful or scary. Think about if you’ve ever actually heard of the outcome that you have in your mind happening to anyone and challenge your thoughts one by one.

5. Talk It Through

One of the best ways to overcome your fears and anxiety is to talk them through and get them out in the open. If you’re afraid of being judged then find a trusted friend or family member who you know will listen compassionately or speak to a therapist.

Facing your fears head on is sometimes the only way to overcome them.

A lot of what you’re feeling is real but also manageable and can be conquered. Much of what you may be feeling might be in your head and causing your body to feel anxious.

Therefore, get in the habit of talking about your fears and anxiety and sharing your experiences with others. You’ll feel better for doing so and they may even be able to offer up some useful tips or be able to relate to you.

6. Avoid Perfection

Keep in mind that life is messy and no one is perfect. There are going to be things that scare you or make you feel anxious. You don’t necessarily have to overcome every single one of your fears and be perfect.

You can work toward progress and get closer to your goal of feeling less worried and fearful. Concentrate on the steps you are taking to improve and don’t let setbacks or bad days and moments allow you to lose your way or focus.

7. Visualize Positive Outcomes

Being positive in the midst of uncertainty and feelings of fear is always helpful. Overcome your fears and anxiety by visualizing positive outcomes.

Positive thinking can go a long way!

Remain optimistic that you have the power and drive to beat your fears and not let them stop you from living life fully any longer. Sit down and picture your fear and the ways in which you can overcome it.

Imagine that you’re faced with your fear. Then think about what move or action you want to take next and then do it in reality. Tell yourself that you’re deserving of it and let today be the day that you stop letting your fears paralyze you from doing your best in life.

Visualize your happy place. Let this be the focus instead of on how your fear is getting in the way. This exercise will soothe and calm you so you feel more relaxed.

8. Create Small Goals & Celebrate Your Successes

Focus on the fact that any forward progress or accomplishment is a win for you. Create small goals that are achievable and realistic and celebrate your successes along the way.

Doing so will help you pay attention to all that’s going well and right. What you are doing instead of your anxiety and what makes you feel afraid.

Reinforce what you’re doing right with rewards such as practicing self-care or spending time in nature reflecting. The best cures are often those that make you feel rested and relaxed. Such as a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal, or exercise.

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