Top 5 Christmas Movies

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December is finally here, and we won’t get a chance to blink before it’s Christmas, the time to spend with family by a lit tree, unwrapping gifts and sipping on eggnog. Of course, what kind of Christmas would it be without having great Christmas movies playing on TV? I’ve created a list of the top five movies that will help to fuel your holiday spirit and provide good family fun this holiday season.

The Ref
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5. The Ref: Ted Demme paints Christmas in an nontraditional light with his movie The Ref. The viewer is thrown into Connecticut suburbs on Christmas Eve when a bitter married couple’s night takes an unpredictable turn when they are taken hostage by a wanted criminal. But little does the criminal know is that he is about to become a counselor to a very disturbed family. With it’s unusual storyline, The Ref brings its viewers the common holiday anxiety and family dinner with some dark humor as a dessert.

Four Christmases
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4. Four Christmases: Directed by Seth Gordon, this romantic comedy invites the viewer to take part in Brad and Kate’s Christmas in San Francisco. Throughout all the years together, the couple has managed to maintain their own holiday tradition to avoid their families and spend Christmases on exotic vacations. However, this year, they are stuck spending the holiday with their abnormal families with no way out. Since both of their parents are divorced and remarried, Brad and Kate are forced to squeeze four different Christmases within one day which will challenge and test their entire relationship.

Bad Santa scene
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3. Bad Santa: With his new school look on Christmas, Terry Zwigoff shows that even a beloved holiday hero, Santa, has a dark side in him. The viewer takes a journey witnessing this bad Santa’s sins, from being belligerently drunk and engaging in wild sex to being a thief. Even though Santa has no morals and values left, there is one kid that admires him, which makes Santa change his ways and find the true meaning of Christmas. Despite revolting and shocking scenes in the movie, Bad Santa brings unmistakable comedy to the table which will make you laugh out loud this Christmas.

Home Alone
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2. Home Alone: John Hughes’ Home Alone has become one of the classics. This movie gives the viewers a story of an 8-year-old boy who was forgotten by his family in a chaotic rush to the airport for a perfect family vacation to France. Instead of being frightened, the boy is pleased with his luck to have the house all to himself and to escape the madness of his family until a little twist takes place. When two burglars decide to rob his house, the little man applies endless craftiness and creativity to stop them, becoming a real hero. Despite a criminal element to the movie, it still provides a warm holiday mood with some hilarity.

Christmas Vacation, Griswold family
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1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: A true classic, the Griswold family became part of ours! All Clark Griswold wants is to have a “good ol’ fashion family Christmas.” However, it seems too much for his wayward family to handle and soon, the Griswold’s household is turned upside down and Christmas is on the verge of being destroyed. But the holiday spirit prevails and the family manages to connect with each other despite all obstacles. Christmas Vacation is hysterically funny and it guarantees to woo the viewers and really put them into the holiday spirit!

Top 5 Christmas Movies

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