Why is Sports Betting on the Rise Among Women?

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Women’s sports betting has been mostly overlooked in the past. Games betting has been mostly marketed to males, and the sports themselves have also been primarily marketed to men. There are several women that made mistakes while trying their hand at the poker tables. However, there are more women who got lucky.

Some of the most infamous American women poker players from the mid-19th century were those who made bundles for themselves. Known as “Poker Alice,” Alice Ivers Tubbs was notorious for carrying a handgun to defend herself after clearing tables for wins and for her ability to count cards and calculate the chances of a game extremely rapidly. As a result of her prodigious poker abilities, Lottie Deno became a well-known figure in Wild West Texas.

She is credited with paving the way for future generations of female athletes by becoming one of the first to be acknowledged for their abilities. Like poker, women slowly started entering other gambling fields like sports betting. Nowadays, women make up a significant share of the online gambling population and many make use of the most popular mybookie welcome bonus promo codes, which reflect this trend.

Betting Percentages

Aside from being an exceedingly specialized pastime for women, sports betting does not seem to be a talent that they possess. However, things seem to be changing. The marketing firm Hot Paper Lantern has revealed that more than a third of bettors in the United States are female.

Sports betting has become more and more popular amongst women!

Women make up 32 percent of all sports gamblers in 2019, according to research by the American Gaming Association. In fact, new research shows that women’s bets are yielding superior returns, suggesting that they may even be more skilled gamblers. According to research conducted in the year 2020, women earned a 19.79 percent return on their wagers while males lost 4.61 percent.

A closer look at the findings of the Hot Paper Lantern research reveals that women are more prone than males to bet on sporting events with broad societal ramifications. This implies that the most popular leagues and sports are more likely to pique their interest, such as the NBA playoffs.

Betting Businesses

The betting business seems to be taking notice of this, with many leaders of the sector saying that it is time to move away from its male-centric image. Dr. Laila Mintas, CEO of PlayUp’s U.S. operations in Australia, is aware of exactly how big of a deal this is.

In an interview, Mintas remarked, “I truly feel it’s a completely unserved and underserved market”. Since women make up almost half of all sports spectators, why aren’t more of them taking the last step and placing a wager?. It seems as though every sports betting service is the same. When it comes to display and color, it’s all the same. It’s a lot darker than I expected. It’s entirely male-centric and male-driven,” he says.

However, Mintas adds that, despite our “quite near to 50/50 [gender divide] in terms of customers,” we may be “very close to this changeover.” We still have a long way to go before we reach our destination.

The Increase

Women’s sports betting is on the increase for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it’s never been easier to place a sports bet. A smartphone, tablet, or laptop, as well as an internet connection, are all that are required to open an account with a mobile betting site. In addition, sports betting is now allowed in all 50 states in the United States. Which has allowed millions more people to participate.

Technology has allowed sports betting to become more accessible and thus, more popular!

Women’s sports are likewise seeing a meteoric surge in popularity. The fan base for both live and television viewers has grown as a result of increasing sponsorship. The WNBA finals TV viewership increased by 42 percent in 2021. In addition, ticket sales increased in 2020.

The New York Liberty had a 234% increase in the number of persons viewing tickets. This was after announcing a transfer to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, a new head coach, and attractive acquisitions like Layshia Clarendon.

It’s encouraging to see more women breaking through the barriers that patriarchy has set in place! And not just wager on sports, but also watch them.

As a result, female sports fans and bettors have felt considerably more secure. In recent years, the panorama of sports viewing, participation, and betting has all improved. Finally, we’re getting to see a more varied landscape, and the future seems bright.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to sports betting, concentrating on what women are interested in is an intriguing example. Kelly Stewart is one of several female sports bettors who aren’t only in it for the money. They prefer social betting, which means they place most of their bets on high-profile social events.

A number of studies have shown that female bettors are more successful than their male counterparts. Mostly because they do not place their bets based on their personal feelings. New Jersey’s 888 Holdings research found that in 2020, female bettors would bring in 20% more money than male bettors.

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