5 Fashion Pieces Every City Girl Needs

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Have you ever noticed that women in the city dress differently than those in suburbia? For example, it’s more likely to see someone walking down Fifth Avenue sporting colored knee-high socks than it is in a local grocery store in Idaho. This does not mean that knee high socks for women are unacceptable in Idaho. It simply means that city girls are ahead on the trends. Along with being fashion savvy, there are 5 fashion pieces that every city girl should own.

1. Designer Handbag

When you live in the city, it is common to have a designer handbag. This is because most of the designers have offices nearby, making it more normal to prefer designer handbags to something off the rack. In addition, designer goods are more accessible in big cities than they are small towns. Therefore, it is more likely that you will see people carrying these luxurious items around town. Although they can be expensive to purchase, they are definitely worth the investment. Also, if you cannot afford one right away, you can save up for one or look for a used one at a consignment store. However, try to avoid purchasing the fake versions. People can usually notice the difference.

2. Jeans That Fit Well

Next, it is smart to invest in a pair of jeans that fit you well. You will wear these jeans when you are not working – usually during weekend events or for your nightlife activities. Since they are not part of your everyday wardrobe, it is important to invest in a pair that fits right and will last a while. This way you can rely on them without much thought. Also, make sure to choose a versatile style that can be dressed up or down.

3. Sunglasses

Whether you live in a warm or cold city, you should be sure to purchase a great pair of sunglasses to wear when you are driving or walking around town. Sunglasses look sophisticated and are reminiscent of celebrities. Generally, oversized sunglasses are more fashionably acceptable. However, you should choose the style that best flatters your face shape.

4. Trench Coat

For colder days, a trench coat is a stylish jacket to wear around town. It will always be on trend, and it will flatter any figure. Even better, you can select a trench coat in a variety of styles. You can get a basic raincoat or a heavy wool trench for snowy days.

5. Stilettos

Finally, every city girl needs a great pair of stiletto heals. These can be worn with dresses, pants, skirts, and jeans. In fact, most girls will have multiple pairs. Usually, they wear them to the office and on the weekends. However, if walking is your mode of transportation around town, you should probably invest in an alternative shoe to use while you are going from place to place. Then, you can put your fancy shoes on when you arrive at your destination.

If you live in the city, make sure that you get these five fashion pieces so that you look stylish wherever you are going. They are easy to find and will enhance your daily wardrobe. Looking to add a little color as well? Check out this guide to finding your perfect hue!

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