Scoopshot: Show Off Your Awesome Photos And Get Paid

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Are you a new photographer looking to put your work out onto the market but do not know how? Or are you from a company that is looking for a place to find crazy awesome pictures? What would you say if I told you that there was an app that not only allows you to upload pictures that you have taken from your phone, but also pays you for those exact same pictures? That is exactly what Scoopshot is about! This is a brand new app that is super easy to acquire (because it is completely free and available in the Apple store and the play store for Android) and very simple to navigate.

Can Business Use Scoopshot?

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Scoopshot is great for businesses! Blogs, magazines, and newspapers are ideal users. Often, companies create tasks into which users, also called “Scoopshooters,” can enter their photos. Those companies then set prices for the photos that they choose to use! The user-generated content is then available for commercial and editorial use. Just like a traditional stock photo website, businesses can find what they are looking for without having to hold a contest. By using the search bar, they can look through Scoopshot’s inventory of photos and videos. If that is still too much to find a picture that they need, a company can send a photo request to the app’s mobile photographers located all over the world.

Not A Professional Photographer?

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Not a problem! Many Scoopshooters are actually amateurs who took a great photo and would like to get paid for it. And believe me, they do get paid! There are daily contests that anyone can enter. The winners are voted for by the community and showcased so even more people (and buyers) will see the picture. Digital rights are always protected, of course. All pictures entered in the Scoopshot store can be sold for $2.50, $5, all the way up to $500! (That has to be a pretty good photo though!) If you do not have a picture that does not fit any contests or tasks, you can upload it to a category that fits it best. Companies often scroll through the inventory for great pictures so although it is not guaranteed, you can still get paid without winning a contest or being chosen for a task.

Here are a couple of picture that I have uploaded to Scoopshot myself!

fluffy white dog with pink bow cat two cats cuddling on a bed

Scoopshot is a wonderful app that is so effortless, even for newbies, to use! So, if you are a professional photographer looking for some extra cash kind of fast or a company that is in need of some awesome and breathtakingly beautiful pictures for commercial or editorial uses, Scoopshot is the place for everyone! Download this cool and really fun app and share your thoughts about it!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Scoopshot. All opinions are 100% my own.

Scoopshot: Show Off Your Awesome Photos And Get Paid

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