How To Leverage Your Education To Advance Your Career

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How To Leverage Your Education To Advance Your Career

Career and education tend to go hand in hand. There are multiple reasons why this is. First and foremost, you need to develop knowledge and skills for you to begin any career. Another is that you can leverage your education to further advance your career. No matter where you’re at on your path, here’s how you can use your education to help you continue to move up.

Get On The Right Path

You will need to be educated before you decide to venture into many careers. If you want to work in the medical field, for example, you will have to get educated in medicine. In many cases, when you want to advance in your career, you will need to go back to school and get a higher education.

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Aquire Specialized Knowledge

Education gives individual knowledge in a particular field. Whenever you go to school to get a diploma, degree, Master’s, or Ph.D., you are equipped with knowledge in a particular field. The knowledge allows you to work in the related workplace. For example, when you get educated on accounting, you get the knowledge that allows you to work in any accounting platform. 

Develop Skills You Need

Education equips you with the necessary skills to thrive in your profession. You cannot make it in your career if you lack critical thinking, creative, academic writing, and analytical skills. These skills are quite fundamental when it comes to planning and decision-making in any career.

To learn which skills you should focus on, read our article 7 Skills That Look Amazing On A Resume.

Land a Promotion

Education can help you advance in your career by helping you attain knowledge and skills that result in promotions. Sometimes, a person can advance in their career based not by their book knowledge only but also by the principles they have attained from their education. For example, an individual may have garnered leadership skills back while they were in school. Leadership principles may make you stand out and get a promotion, which alternatively pushes you to the next level in your career.

If you want to read more about getting promoted, check out our article 5 Things That Will Help You Land A Job Promotion.

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Build Your Work Ethic

Education can also help you develop a strong work ethic. Sometimes, people need to further their education as they continue to work. They do not put their career on hold for the sake of going back to school. Instead, they do it all simultaneously.

This is what executives and managers love to see. It proves that an employee has the drive to make it in their career and attain knowledge that helps in progressing their company. As a result, they notice you and may offer you a platform to help you advance your career. 

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Boost Your Confidence

Education also boosts your confidence and reflects on how you take up every opportunity that promises to advance your career. Training helps an individual to get a degree, which is one thing in your career progression. It also boosts your confidence, which might not have been present before their education. With knowledge in their field, individuals feel more confident and comfortable in taking up leadership roles that help in advancing their careers.

Expand Your Network

Education can help you advance your career by helping you improve your personal and professional network. Networking is one of the ways that helps in bringing people of the same professional background and mindset together. It is an excellent platform for a person looking to progress their career. Networking will help you get acquainted with people with the same knowledge as you but challenge you to take it to the next level. 


In conclusion, career and education have a strong relationship. Without a strong education foundation, it is highly unlikely that you will advance your career. Through going to school, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and principles that you need to progress. It will also provide you with the best networking platform to take your career where you want it to be.


How To Leverage Your Education To Advance Your Career

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