9 Promising Reasons You Should Become A Teacher

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9 Promising Reasons You Should Become A Teacher

There are few things as rewarding as making a difference in shaping the lives and minds of young people. If you love the idea of inspiring and mentoring young people to be the best that they can be, then a career in teaching might be for you. If you’re graduating college and wondering what to do next, here are nine reasons why you should become a teacher. 

1. Inspire the next generation

Other than parents, teachers have the biggest influence on a child’s life. The results you will get to see from your students as they grow and learn is bound to send you home feeling rewarded and proud. 

2. It’s a true vocation

Similar to being a doctor or veterinarian, teaching is often seen as more than just a job. A lot of people work to live, but when you have a rewarding career means that your job satisfaction is unmatched by other career paths. 

3. Use your passion

Many people aren’t lucky enough to use their passion every day in their job. By becoming a school teacher, you can do this every day, and have the opportunity to create the same passion for your subject in your students.

4. Have a clear career path

If you want to progress in your career, then teaching has a very clear path to allow you to do so. You can develop and become the head of a department, or a principal. Teaching comes with many opportunities to move up the career ladder.

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5. Earn a good salary

Teachers aren’t exactly known for being rich, but they do earn a decent salary. Becoming a teacher can provide generous financial packages. Newly qualified teachers usually start on a reasonable salary, and many areas offer further incentives for teachers to work in their school district. Salaries increase incrementally over the first few years of your career, and even better salaries are open to school or department heads. 

6. Opportunities to work internationally

Other countries often value the teacher training of other countries, and having a teaching qualification can open up many opportunities to work all over the world. Graduates, after a few years of experience, can work just about anywhere, especially to teach English. 

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7. Job security

Many parts of the private sector can’t offer job security, but you don’t have to worry about that with teaching. Teachers have much better rates of job security, and can often stay working in the same school for several years if that’s what you wish to do.  

8. Great for families

Teaching is a unique job. If you have or plan to have a family, the unique ability to be on holiday for the whole time they are on holiday from school is very helpful. 

9. Be a lifelong learner

Teaching is a great way to encourage yourself to continue to learn. Children ask a lot of questions and often ask things you’ve never thought of. You’ll end up learning right alongside them, trust me!

Teachers do amazing things every day. There are so many reasons you should become a teacher. Maybe now you’ll be inspired to join this incredible profession too!

9 Promising Reasons You Should Become A Teacher

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