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Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on Being Goofy!

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Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on Being Goofy!

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Being goofy can decrease our stress levels!

My computer decided to go belly up. I have had the computer for under a year, but it just won’t cooperate. The back light is on but no picture on the screen. I was in tears. Thank God I kept my old laptop. This weekend was my nephew Cairon’s birthday, and he was too cute with his white button-up and yellow vest. He turned three and was proud about it. The theme for his birthday was water party. The kids had water balloons and water guns. My godsister (Sissy) is a big kid at heart, so it was funny seeing her run out long after the kids with a bag full of water balloons to get them wet. We all had a good time, have to love the Newbills and Brandons, they’re a fun bunch.

I stopped by to see Pop, he was supposed to have back surgery but he had to reschedule due to some other health issues. I think he should just get a full skeletal implant, then he will be all good. I also took it upon myself to tattle to Pop and Ma Jackie on my boyfriend, Cory, who apparently is refusing to get his blood work results from his arthritis doctor.  I can’t wait to see his face when Ma Jackie pounces on him for not taking care of himself.

My tip for today is to enjoy life. A lot of aches come from stress. With stress comes less sleep, which leads to grogginess, body aches, sickness, etc. Take time out of the day to just be goofy. Dance around, watch your favorite childhood show, see if you can still do a backflip (I am not to be held responsible for any broken bones). Enjoy life, live, laugh, love. You never know when your time is up. Tell your loved ones you love them daily. Every time I talk to my parents or grandparents, I tell them that I love them. Today, I am going to pick my girls up and take five minutes to just be goofy. But I won’t be turning any flips because if I break something, that won’t be funny at all. –Ms.C (Missy)

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