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How to Make Sure Your Food is Nutritious and Delicious

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When making food for yourself, you want to be sure of two things: that it’s both nutritious and delicious. Eating nutritious food is a must. It’s how we fuel our bodies and make sure we’re prepared for everything the day can throw at us. Making sure it tastes good is important too, otherwise why would we eat it? The good news is, you can make your food taste nice without smothering it in unhealthy sauces. These tips will help you to make your food as nutritious and delicious as possible from now on:

Nutritious and Delicious
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Make Use of Fresh Herbs

Instead of flavoring your dishes with unhealthy sauces and things like that, learn how to make the most of fresh herbs. Fresh herbs have so much flavour, and your don’t need much for them to make a difference. You can even chop them and freeze them so that they are ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Using dry herbs is OK, but it just doesn’t taste the same. It won’t have the same nutritional value as fresh herbs either!

Stay Away From Processed Junk

Eating processed junk might taste nice, but you’re only putting rubbish into your body. It isn’t helping you in any way, shape, or form. Stay away from it as much as you can! You can still eat your favourite foods from time to time, but make sure they are more of a treat than a part of your staple diet. You can usually find healthy ways of making your favourite foods anyway! As a rule, if something is pre packaged or frozen, it isn’t very good for you. Reading the nutritional values and ingredient lists should give you a clue too.

Nutritious and Delicious

Fill Your Fridge and Cupboards With Whole Foods

Make sure that when you go shopping, you fill your fridge and cupboards with whole foods. The more whole foods you have in your diet, the better. You should have plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meats if you’re a meat eater, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Any food that only has one ingredient is usually very good for you. Filling your diet with these foods is a great way to make sure you’re putting everything you need into your body.

Use Coconut or Olive Oil

Coconut oil and olive oil are the two best oils that you could possibly cook your food in. Coconut oil has many other uses too, and has even been considered a superfood. They will both make your food taste delicious and add even more nutrients to your meal. Just don’t overdo it, as oils have lots of calories.

Add the Right Kind of Salt

So many people still used table salt and salt that has been stripped of all of its nutritional value. Salt is amazing for enhancing the flavours of any meal, but you must be sure you’re consuming the right type of salt. You need to make sure you’re using the Himalayan salt crystal, which hasn’t been stripped of any of its nutritional properties. There are many ways you can use this delicious addition to your diet to make your foods taste better.

Split Your Plate Right

Nutritious and Delicious
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The key to making sure you’re getting enough of what you need in your diet is to split your plate right. You need to have the right amounts of protein, fats, and carbs. Many people get this wrong because their plates will be mostly fats or carbs. Yes, this can taste good and fill you up, but in the long run it’ll cause weight gain. You need a bit of everything to fuel your body properly. With each meal you should have about a thumb sized serving of fats and a palm sized serving of protein. Your carb intake will vary depending on your goals and whether you have any illnesses to consider, such as diabetes. Remember to count your vegetables and fruits as carbs too! Some carbs and fats are better than others. You should choose nuts and avocados as fats rather than things like mayonnaise. You should also choose things like sweet potatoes and broccoli as carbs rather than chips and cake. You can download some great apps these days to help you keep track of the amounts you’re eating.

Eat Raw Where Possible

Where possible, avoid cooking your food and eat raw. You can usually only do this with certain fruits and vegetables. It’s a great way of eating, because cooking can take the nutrients out of your foods sometimes. There are many places you can find inspiration, like on raw food blogs and even Instagram pages. You’ll be surprised at how amazing some of the meals can taste. Not only that, you will strengthen your immune system. You could find yourself fighting off illness and disease so much easier.

Find Different Ways of Cooking Your Meals

Nutritious and Delicious

You might get bored of eating similar things each day, which is why you need to vary the way you cook your meals. One day you might have an omelette, the next scrambled egg. One day you might have grilled chicken, the next you might stir fry it. Get creative with different cooking methods and herbs as mentioned earlier, and there will be no reason for you to get bored.

These tips are perfect for helping you to make sure your food is nutritious and delicious. Once you incorporate these tips into your diet, you’ll begin to wonder why you ever ate junk foods in the first place. You’ll look incredible, have so much more energy, and experience many other benefits too. Your tastes may even begin to change. If you absolutely love a slice of chocolate cake now, you might find yourself simply craving fruits in the future. It may take a while, but it does happen! That being said, don’t feel bad if you still crave ‘bad’ foods sometimes. As long as you’re being honest with yourself and you’re not tipping the balance, it’s OK to have a small treat once or twice a week. Enjoy!

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How To Make Sure Your Food Is Nutritious and Delicious

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