These 7 Freebies Will Make You an Outstanding Blogger

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These 7 Freebies Will Make You an Outstanding Blogger

If you’re on the path to becoming an outstanding blogger, you probably already know that you need to learn from other bloggers out there who have been in the game a while. I personally never took classes in blogging in college, so I would imagine many of you never had that opportunity either. How else are we going to learn if not from each other? One of the ways we can do that is by using blogging freebies from fellow content creators.

The bloggers who are included in this list are the best in the biz, so you know their free resources are going to elevate your blogging game. Take advantage of the industry secrets they’re willing to spill, I promise you will learn a lot from them!

7 Freebies That Will Make You an Outstanding Blogger

1. 150 Influencer Networks with Paid Sponsorships from Miss Millennia Magazine

Let’s start off with our own incredible freebie! Our list of 150 Influencer Networks with Paid Sponsorships is a comprehensive guide that everyone who wants to make money from their blog needs to have. We love offering this to the blogging community and want you to take advantage of it!

In case you’re unfamiliar with influencer networks, they’re basically your ticket to sponsored post opportunities for your blog. When you join one, the folks at the network will facilitate relationships between you and brands that want to feature their products on blogs like yours. The way you snag those opportunities works differently for each network, but the result is the same: you make money through your blog.

Check out our 126 Influencer Networks with Paid Sponsorships here!

2. Launch Your Profitable Blog Today from Let’s Reach Success

launch your profitable blog today let's reach success

Are you a blogging beginner with no clue where to start? Well, now you do!

Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit

Learn trade secrets early on in your career from Lidiya, the mastermind behind the amazing site Let’s Reach Success. In her course, she walks you through everything you need to know as a new blogger from the perspective of someone who has been there, done that, and done a great job. If you take this class, you’ll do a great job too.

Enroll in the course Launch Your Profitable Blog Today.

3. The 5 Step Guide To Making Your First $1k from Successful Blogging

5 step blueprint to your first $1K successful blogging

This is another great resource for blogging newbies. Most of us who get into the blogging game want to make money from our site, right? This guide from Successful Blogging will show you how to reach the $1,000 milestone. Of course, you won’t want to stop there, but after reaching that point you’ll have many of the tools you need to keep the momentum going.

Download the 5 Step Guide To Making Your First $1K.

4. Modern 2020 Calendar Printable from Your Marketing BFF

free modern 2020 calendar your marketing bff

Every outstanding blogger needs to be organized. With this modern calendar, you can create your content calendar months in advance and never be stressed about when you’re going to post an article next. No more stressed out writing at 3 am! The design is so pretty too, so you can display it somewhere you see every day and actually use it, rather than forget about it in a desk drawer.

Print your Modern 2020 Calendar.

5. The Influencer Podcast from Julie Solomon

the influencer podcast julie solomon

Like many Millennials, I love a good podcast. With this one, you can learn how to become the influencer you’re always dreamed of while you’re traveling, cooking, or relaxing at home. You’ll gain knowledge on how to build your personal brand, be authentic online, and bring in some cash while you’re at it.

Tune in to The Influencer Podcast.

6. Pin Promote Planner from Twins Mommy

pin promote monthly planner twins mommy

Pinterest is a social media platform every blogger strives to be a pro at. It’s a huge way to drive traffic to your site, organize your content for your audience, and connect with other bloggers. And while you’re at it, you can build the aesthetic for your perfect home and pick out your dream closet!

Others who have used this planner tripled their traffic from Pinterest, so you don’t want to pass it up.

Get your 2020 Pin Promote Planner.

7. Email Lists for Newbies from Meera Kothand

Email Lists for Newbies Meera Kothand

I don’t know about you, but I do not like emailing people I don’t know. I worry about every word and stress about how my message is coming across. However, emailing marketing is important for bloggers to utilize to create a community, engage our readers, and run a successful business. If you’re new to email newsletters or you want to boost what you already have, I suggest Meera’s free online course. She’ll tell you what to do and what not to do if you want your emails to make an impact.

Enroll in the Email Lists for Newbies Free Course.

Don’t Skip These Bonus Resources

Extra Freebies from Miss Millennia Magazine

We love handing out resources to our readers at Miss Millennia. We have a ton of additional freebies that will help you in blogging and in life. Since we’re all about helping you live your best life, we offer a lot of things that don’t directly relate to blogging, such as how to make the most of a side hustle. For many of us, our blog is our side hustle! So you can definitely utilize these tools to up your blogging game.

Blogging Money Update

Blogging Money Update

You don’t want to skip signing up for our Blogging Money Update. We will send you the best-sponsored post opportunities directly to your inbox so you can be an outstanding blogger who makes a ton of cash.

Click here to receive the Blogging Money Update!

Find a Class on Udemy

We’re big fans of Udemy because they provide so many opportunities to learn. If you want to learn more about blogging, it’s no exception. They have hundreds of online courses about blogging. Obviously, we all love getting free stuff, but sometimes you have to make an investment to take things to the next level. You can do that on a budget at Udemy.

My advice is to use the free resources highlighted in this article as your starting point, so when you are ready for the next step you have an idea of what you need to work on some more. That way, you’re not throwing your money at something that won’t get you results.

Click here to find a class on Udemy.


As I’ve mentioned previously in other articles, YouTube is a great free resource for people who create and market content online. If you think about it, blogging and vlogging have a lot of similarities, so it makes sense that many people do both. All you visual learners will especially benefit from using YouTube. Sometimes, we need to actually see something be done to truly understand how to do it ourselves!

This video from TheContentBug takes you step by step through how to write a perfect blog post in 2019.

Get Blogging!

We’re pretty lucky that the blogging community helps each other out the way we do. These freebies are sure to up your game and help you become the outstanding blogger you want to be.

Does your blog offer a great freebie? Tell us about it in the comments and we’d love to feature you!



150 Influencer Networks with Paid Sponsorships

Blogging Money Update


One way to become an outstanding blogger is learning from others in the business. You can do that with these seven amazing freebies!

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