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Diva #LikeaGirl: Interview with Nikki Vergakes

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“My main focus has shifted to blogging (with Dollar Store Diva). I feel like with blogging, I’m growing more important skills such as writing, graphics, content calendars and creation, and networking.” -Nikki Vergakes

Nikki Vergakes, more known as the Dollar Store Diva, is a leader on self-ran blogs. Student at Salem State University. Vergakes balances blogging and school like many of the millennials seen at the #LikeaGirl Interview Series. I was able to get a word with Vergakes to share some of her knowledge of blogging.

dollar store diva nikki vergakes

Miss Millennia Magazine: Tell me a Little About Yourself!

Nikki Vergakes: I’m a Boston-based blogger studying Strategic Communications at Salem State University. I like to call my interest in my future career path a side effect of my only child-ness. I had friends growing up, but my best friend was the computer. I had an interest in “graphics” on Paint, “video-making” on the Digital Blue and YouTube, and “content creation” on the early Blogger. My passions include traveling, food, running, music, and writing. I’d love to either work in an agency or in the Public Health field some day.

Credit: Dollar Store Diva

M3: Why did you Start Dollar Diva? 

NV: I started it as a supplement for my YouTube channel, however over the years my main focus has shifted to blogging. I feel like with blogging, I’m growing more important skills such as writing, graphics, content calendars and creation, and networking.
 M3: What has been Your Favorite Moment in Blogging?
NV: My people (the Greeks), do like hanging their first dollar up, so when I earned $100 through HerCampus, I was thrilled. However, the event I got paid for promoting, College Fashion Week, was my proudest moment. Modeling on a catwalk was something I’d never done. However, I’m glad I did it.

 M3: Who is your inspiration?

NV:  Other bloggers just like me, my age, my same situations, making it work.

Credit: Dollar Store Diva

M3: What has been Your Biggest Struggle?

NV: I pride myself on my time management, however with work, internship, running, and school during the school year, it can be easy to let blogging slip. I keep up on my blog posts. However, I wish I made a little more time every day for it.

M3: What is your top advice for a millennial woman?

NV: If I can, I’ll just refer to the post I made all about advice for millennials! Things to Learn inYour 20’s, and Carry Through Life.
To learn more about Nikki, visit her blog Dollar Store Diva and follow her on Twitter @n_vergak and Facebook Dollar Store Diva.
Credit: Dollar Store Diva
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Diva #LikeaGirl: Interview with Nikki Vergakes

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  1. I love posts like this and being introduced to new bloggers. I’ve never read Nikki’s blog but I’m heading there now!

  2. It’s always cool to hear how blogs got started and how bloggers make it big. I haven’t yet been to Nikki’s blog, but I’m definitely going to check it out.

  3. Blogging is great and I admit it is sometimes tough to find the time for life, family and the blog but at the end of the day it feels great to get all that done. Good interview.

  4. Nikki Vergakes is pretty new for me, but the interview sounds great & of so much fun. It is always good to know about fellow bloggers where you could gather some useful information as well.

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