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4 Easy Tips To Make Money From Book Writing In 2024

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4 Easy Tips To Make Money From Book Writing In 2023

Book writing is a forgotten trade in modern times, but is it still a viable way of making money? 

These days, people with excellent writing skills prefer to create blogs and make money that way. Why? Because it’s infinitely easier to generate revenue through advertising, sponsorships, etc. It also requires less effort, but does this mean book writing is no longer profitable? 

No! You can make money from book writing in 2024; you need to know how. Here are some tips that’ll help you increase your chances of success as a modern writer: 

Hone your writing skills

First and foremost, hone your writing skills so you write something good to read. This means learning all the necessary writing techniques in literature so you understand how to compose stories, develop characters, etc. A poorly written book will never sell, so you’ll fight an uphill battle. 

Write something people want to read.

It sounds obvious, but be sure to write a book people will want to read. If you write a fiction novel, it should focus on something audiences will find intriguing. For example, fantasy books sell well, as do thrillers and crime novels. Decide on a genre and do some market research to see which ones are the most popular. Look at the current book charts, and you’ll quickly be able to spot patterns. 

Alternatively, you could go down the non-fiction route and create books dedicated to topics like self-help or business. There’s a huge market for books like this, and you could make much money. 

Self-publish your work

It’s tough for a new writer to make money via the regular publishing route. Publishers are unlikely to pick you up, and they’ll probably offer terrible royalty rates anyway. Self-publishing is a much better method – and there are plenty of ways to do it. 

Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon is probably the most well-known and practical idea. It’s a platform that lets you self-publish books and eBooks via Amazon, giving you up to 70% of royalties. The benefit of this platform is that your readers are listed on Amazon and will be recommended, thanks to the algorithm. That takes care of some marketing! 

Promote your book

Nobody will buy your book if they don’t know it exists. As mentioned above, Kindle Direct Publishing can get more eyes on your work. You still need to implement more marketing methods to boost sales. This could involve designing a website to sell your book on or taking out online ads. A solid social media presence also helps – do whatever you can to promote your book and get more eyes on it. One genius idea is to send the text to influencers. This could help it go viral while capturing a massive audience. 

If all goes according to plan, you should have a fantastic book that’s well-written and speaks to a particular market. You’ve done enough promotion to make people aware of it, so the sales will start pouring in. To sum up, it is possible to make money from book writing in 2024.

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4 Easy Tips To Make Money From Book Writing In 2023

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