Top 5 Nail Polish Colors for Fall and Winter

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Top 5 Nail Polish Colors for Fall and Winter

I am a nail polish nerd. There, I said it. It’s my guilty pleasure, having a wide array of nail polish colors to such an extent that I probably have enough different bottles of polish to wear a different nail color every day for the next few months. For me, there’s nothing more acutely girly than shopping around for a new bottle of nail polish and indulging in fun colors that only us women could really appreciate. However, as much as I enjoy my polish collection, there are a select few go-to colors that I have for every season. Fall, I’ll admit, is my favorite season of the year and the dark colors I sport when it starts to get chilly are very near and dear to my heart. So, here are my top five nail polishes for the Fall and Winter.

1. OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”: First and foremost, because I have fairly light skin, I feel like wearing straight black nail polish is too harsh on my skin. Not that I don’t love a good black nail with gold half-moons every so often, because I do, but there is no mistaking that the deep, dark burgundy-black of this nail polish is complimentary to my fair skin. The best part is that the formula of this nail polish is perfect; opaque in two coats and no staining of the nails after removal.

Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark.” Photo courtesy of

2. Essie “Midnight Cami”

Navy was a huge hit for Fall last year and is making a triumphant return this year. What makes Midnight Cami stand out for me, however, is that the shimmer in the polish only really shows when in direct sunlight. In regular or low-light, however, it’s the perfect navy color that has some extra dimension to the shade due to its subtle shimmer. Great formula that is also opaque in two coats with slight staining upon initial removal. Not a fan of shimmer? That’s alright; it’s darker, moodier cousin, Essie’s “After School Boy Blazer” is an equally beautiful color to get your navy fix.

Get the Essie Midnight Cami here.

3. OPI “Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow”: I’ve always been a little wary of green nail polish, as I feel it can make my hands look extra veiny. However, this green polish is that perfectly dark, not-quite-black shade that I love in the fall and it definitely doesn’t emphasize the veins in my hands. This one takes a little bit of work, three or four thin coats for opacity, but has easy removal with no staining.

here today aragon tomorrow
OPI “Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow,” photo courtesy of

4. Essie “Smokin’ Hot”: I don’t really know what to call this shade, but I love it. The perfect combination of taupe, grey, and just a tad of purple that makes my fingers beg for cold weather, Smokin’ Hot is the perfect addition to any fall nail collection. Opaque in two coats and another easy one to remove (I tend to lean towards these kinds of polishes).

smoking hot
Essie’s “Smokin’ Hot,” photo courtesy of heart-of-light,

5. Deborah Lippmann “Bitches Brew”: The name alone sends my nail polish loving heart in a tizzy. One of my favorite nail polishes of all-time and my favorite red for fall, Bitches Brew is a dark maroon color with just a hint of mahogany (yeah, I’m getting fancy on you). This one also has a subtle shimmer, giving it the same dimension as Midnight Cami when in regular or low-light, and just a tad bit of sparkle when in direct sunlight. The perfect addition to your fall nail collection, Bitches Brew will leave you feeling like a hot female powerhouse, no matter how much your teeth are chattering this winter. And guess what?

bitches brew
Deborah Lippmann “Bitches Brew,” photo courtesy of

So, there you have it. A short but sweet list of my favorite nail shades for fall that I think should be in every girl’s collection. If you’d like suggestions for other colors or would like to share your favorite shades, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Top 5 Nail Polish Colors for Fall and Winter

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