Author: Shelby Lonne

Hey I'm Shelby. I'm 23 years old, and I'm a MN native. I graduated about a year and a half ago from a castle of a college that looks like Hogwarts with a degree in English. My heart of hearts wants to do nothing but travel and write novels and short stories for the rest of my life, but surprise surprise, English majors aren't really in high demand for jobs in small towns, like the one I currently live in. I've been bouncing between a few different administrative jobs since I've graduated with the hope that one day I'll have enough saved up to move somewhere fun and different for a bit. My younger sisters are my best friends and my boyfriend is my high school sweetheart. I love movies, Pinterest, yoga, concerts, pizza, ice cream, and sunny weather. I'm a sucker for anything romantic, funny, upbeat, and/or thought provoking. My background in literature has me way more invested in symbolism and metaphors than I probably should be. Mindy Kaling is my favorite. I love blabbing about things I love.