6 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Anymore

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The weight loss plateau is every weight watcher’s nightmare that somehow manages to peep in its head in your weight loss journey. It is every person’s dream to constantly see the numbers on the scale drop while on a weight loss quest. With hard work and consistency, this is achieved but somewhere along the way your weight seems to stagnate. This is called the plateau stage and is common and absolutely normal for everyone. This is not the time to throw in the towel and walk away from all your hard work and sacrifice.

1. Slowed Down Metabolism

Anyone new to the healthy lifestyle initially has some misconceptions which may interfere with their weight loss quest. You’d be forgiven for thinking that eating less and working out more will speed up your weight loss. In fact, this will only render your efforts fruitless and end up frustrating you even more. Think about it this way; denying your body adequate food for energy and expecting it to perform well during workouts is like feeding your car with little gas and expecting it to go for hours. It is impossible and puts too much pressure on your body which isn’t fair. In this case, your body will go into the starvation mode whereby it goes an extra mile into holding onto the fat for energy. Your thyroid and metabolism will slow down because your body will be working towards keeping you alive for longer. This way, the fat burn will be stopped and you may even gain much more weight than you should.

2. Fat Pockets Equals Muscles

Every good deed deserves a reward. Working out, proper dieting and a few lifestyle changes definitely deserve weight loss, right? It is only fair anyway. If you have been doing everything right then you definitely deserve the numbers on the scale to descend. Sometimes, the numbers stagnate because good things are actually happening for you. With the correct workout routine, the layers of fat in your body will be melted and replaced by muscles. So the numbers on the scale might actually be a good thing.

3. Too Much of Anything is Poisonous

losing weight food
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The one thing that most people struggle with is food control. Giving up on those juicy ribs, pancakes, fries and burgers is absolutely not that easy. However get your food portions under control is what’s tricky for most folks. In this case, people think that eating large portions of the healthy food is acceptable but that isn’t the case. Nibbling on 8 lbs of carrots may not pile on the weight but it won’t make it go away either. Feeding your body with more energy than you are using will lead to weight stagnation or even gain.
This may also occur when you make poor food choices such as skipping breakfast and overeating at lunch to compensate the missed meal. The secret to keeping those numbers down is burning more calories than you’re feeding your body with.

4. Too Stressed for the Scale

Your body is like a machine that has a mind of its own. This mind makes its own decisions regardless of what you want. Stress is a negative energy that interferes with your body’s natural way of functioning. For starters, stress leads to unconscious overeating which definitely results in weight gain. This is because your mind isn’t really focused on the activity so before you know it, you’ll be scratching the bottom of that big bucket of wings or buttered popcorn.

losing weight stress
Being too crazy about weight loss may stress your body without your knowledge. If you work out too much hence leaving your body with little or no time to rest then you will definitely stress it. In this case, the hormone cortisol will be released and this little monster is known to lead to weight gain. So you may need to keep cortisol production at its lowest in your body.

5. Banking on Misinformation

Truth be told, there are a lot of ‘know-it-alls’ out there. Everyone feels philanthropic with their opinions on weight loss and draw their own conclusion as to what works and what doesn’t. What you don’t know is that not everyone out there has a clue on that weight loss entails. Listening and putting to practice everything that goes in your ear will see your weight chart recordings flying all over the place. The secret behind successful weight loss is consistency. Rely on the professional advice of a qualified nutritionist and fitness instructor. Anything else landing on your ears should be disregarded.

6. The Inadequate Sleep Monster

We understand that life nowadays is too fast which leaves us exhausted and fatigued. This may see you sleeping through your weekends, off days and public holidays. However, weight loss demands a healthy lifestyle that will keep your body alert at all times. If sleeping from dusk to dawn, your body will naturally release hormones that make you feel hungrier than you really are hence prompting you to overeat. Before you know it, you’d have eaten more than you could have if on your feet out and about.
In this case, you should allow your body enough time for rest for the purpose of distressing and allow it the time to rejuvenate after a stressful day. The key, in this case, is to do it only long enough then need it with an activity that will reboot it and the metabolism as well.

losing weight sleep

Weight loss is fun as long as all the effort and dedication is paired up with low numbers on the scale. If on the right track, you could increase your chances of fat burning by using a thermogenic fat burner. You can check out this page from bodyshape101.com to find more about thermogenic fat burner. You could also ask your fitness instructor to advise on the best exercise equipment that will help you lose the weight in certain areas with stubborn fat for instance; belly, thighs, arms or even back. If you are having trouble with food portions control, ask your nutritionist for help. A private nutritionist will walk with you every step of the way while others even shop and assist with cooking tips to keep the calories at their lowest. It is a worthy investment.

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