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5 Ways Girls Can Feel Committed In A Relationship

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Being in love is wonderful, and the start of a relationship is a very good time for a couple. You are head over heals for each other and it is often known as the honeymoon period. After about six months, things can start to change and girls will begin to think about the future of the relationship.

Guys should take note; commitment is a big thing for us girls. We need to feel like the relationship is going somewhere and that we are with the right guy. When long-term relationships seem to be moving at a slow pace, we need some way to know that you are in it for the long term. Here are five ways we can know you are the right guy for us.

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1. A very special gift

Once we have been in a relationship for a while, our head will start filling with thoughts of getting engaged. Some girls might not want that commitment, but if we wish to tie the knot, we will likely start dropping hints. If some of our friends begin to get engaged, this will encourage us also to want to get married. We don’t want to end up like Vanessa Paradis, who was with Johnny Depp for 14 years but never got a ring. But now he has married his actress girlfriend, Amanda Heard after less than two years of dating.

To show the ultimate commitment, it might be time to buy a diamond eternity ring, and show the world how much you love us. If you’re not ready for that, or you just can’t afford a wedding soon, some jewellery or a special gift will show us some commitment. A beautiful necklace or some fancy earrings will bring a smile to our face. You could even purchase a commitment ring to show us you love us, and will be thinking of proposing in the future. And it doesn’t have to be jewellery, it could be a lovely photo of us both, or even a bouquet of flowers would be an easy way to say I Love You.

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2. Moving in

If we have been in a relationship a while, then taking the next step of moving in with us is the perfect way to show you are committed to the relationship. We may have left our stuff already at your place, which will be a big hint we want to live with you. It could be letting a property together, or you could even buy a property if you want to show us you see a future together. Moving in together does have some positives, if we both work long hours, sometimes arranging a date for the evening is too much work. However, if we live together, we will be able to both go home and unwind together.

When moving in together for the first time, it can show couples if they are meant to be. It can cause more arguments over paying bills, and spending more time together. But if you do want to take the leap of faith, it will mean a lot to us. If you don’t want to go as far as getting a place, you could give us a key to your home. It is an excellent way to allow us into your life, without going the whole way. You could also sort out a ‘girlfriend draw’ to keep our stuff in, so we know we are part of your life.

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3. Buying a pet

A pet is a great way to show you are committed to the relationship. It will bring a lot of memories and joy for us both for the years to come. As you have a huge responsibility looking after the pet, some people say it’s the first chance to experience the demands of having a child. You have to clean up after them, feed them, and take them for walks which is a lot of responsibility.

If you don’t have time for a dog or cat in your life, after all, they can be hard work, you could get us a small pet as a token of your love. A hamster, fish or rabbit will be less work, but will show us you are planning to stick around a while.

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4. Booking a holiday

Another way to show commitment is booking a holiday away for us both. If it’s our first trip away together, it may be good to book somewhere closer to home. It can be a challenging experience if we haven’t been away together, as we will be spending a lot of time together in proximity.

We will feel a sense of commitment, though, as it will show that you are interested in spending a lot of time with us. It’s a very good time to be romantic and it will give us both a chance to visit somewhere new. It’s lovely making memories together that we both can think back on for years to come. For somewhere great, we would love to be taken to somewhere exciting like Paris or New York!

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5. Invited to a family occasion

Spending time with your family and friends is a great way for us to know you are committed to us. Introducing us to your friends is a big step, as it means you feel happy enough to show us off and let us into that part of your life.

But meeting the  family is a great way for you to show us you’re really serious about commitment. If you introduce us to meet your mum and dad, it really shows you want a future with us. Inviting us along to a family event is also a good way of showing us you are serious, as we will be meeting your extended family. It would also be great if you came along as our plus one to a wedding or christening, as this means you want to meet our friends and family.

If you can’t show any of these commitments, then it may be time to reconsider if you see the relationship going anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a ring (yet), but one of the above shows us that the relationship is going somewhere. Here are 50 more ways to show commitment to us.

5 Ways Girls Can Feel Committed In a Relationship

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