5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Invest In Marketing

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When you check your social media, read a magazine or watch TV, you probably have noticed how companies are trying to sell their products.

Marketing has always been a necessity not only for young entrepreneurs but also for the biggest companies out there. The data you put in your profiles work even better than actually talking to a sales rep at any shop or store. When you are browsing, suggestions will appear with related topics to what you’re likely to be interested in. These pop ups can be about shops you probably will like and products you might end up buying even if you don’t need them.

invest in marketing reasons

This is all due to the fact that marketing itself has evolved from newspapers and magazines to being everywhere in our lives, even when we want some privacy. From a sales point of view, it could be safe to say that nowadays it’s not about what you sell but how you sell it. Everything goes through your eyes first and if you’re thinking of opening a new business or already have one you will find out that marketing is more important than what you thought. Investing in marketing is investing in the success of your business and your product. It is a perfect time to into marketing, especially video marketing as it is a lot more engaging with the reader like Redpill who has worked with some wonderful businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s time to invest in marketing.

Your competition is leading the race

Almost literally everything nowadays is sold or at least advertised through the Internet, from social media campaigns to SEO content and sponsored Ads on every page you visit. This is due to the fact that almost everybody in your target audience has access to Internet and more specifically to social media. Successful companies know that marketing is not only about putting your product or service on a pretty colorful well designed Ad. They understand reaching out in the best appealing way to the target market, planning a strategy and a whole campaign across every imaginable functional media so that whoever could be looking for what you sell gets to actually find it. Having an outstanding product is never enough, especially not nowadays if no one can see it, that’s what marketing does and that’s something your competitors know very well.

You feel like you’re wearing an invisibility cloak

Ok. So you have an idea that you know is going to pay for those amazing holidays in the Caribbean islands and you know it’s fail-proof, so why is nobody buying? Well, just because you have a price tag on what you sell, doesn’t mean you’re “selling”. Having a target market is worthless if you don’t know how to address it, and unless you have some knowledge on marketing you’re likely to see the neighbors go on holidays before you do.

Making your name visible and appealing is what sells, take a look at all those brands you see on social media and see how regardless of what they’re selling. If they know how to display to their market what they’re selling, they’re likely to be getting as many followers as dollars. This is why it is important to act very professionally on social media. This means responding to customer’s complaints to your page, sharing appropriate content, and even having a professional profile picture. Think of marketing as a good friend who’s willing to do the door-knocking while you sit back and wait for profit.

You raise eyebrows when talking about your business, not money

Your business is your treasure and something to be proud of. Seriously. So naturally, when you meet with friends or make acquaintances with potential customers you’re likely to bring it up and tell them about it. If they seem rather surprised or simply don’t know what you’re talking about it’s because they’ve never seen what you offer or never knew it existed. Investing in marketing will raise awareness of your brand and gaining exposure out there is literally what seals the deal. For example, if your idea is to sell a new fashion label, no one will be that interested if you don’t have a reputation already. Investing in marketing can very well be what decides how far your brand goes.

You don’t know how to sell it

invest in marketing

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You have the idea, the product, and the material to make the next big hit in the market, but if you don’t know how to sell it then you’ll find that your success is bound to collect dust and cobwebs in a corner of your attic. Do your research, learn how to appeal your target audience and where it’s best for you to create a presence and gain exposure. If you’re wanting to start-up a travel agency then Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter might be a great idea besides traditional media like TV or specific magazines. Ever heard the saying “sell sand in the desert”? If you know how to sell what you have, you can sit back and worry about where to spend your next holidays. Click here to buy IG followers.

Not even maps can find you

Should it be too much effort for customers to find you on or offline, then they’re more likely to go to the easiest and closest alternative. A great example for this is asking yourself how often do you go past the 2nd page on Google when looking for something. Investing in marketing is just as much as investing on getting your name a status and a rank in the market. Supermarkets are the best analogy to explain this, they want you to spend the most by placing the most expensive products at your eye level because they know that the easier it is to find, the more likely you are to buy it.

The success of your business depends a great deal on how you advertise it and sell it. If you want your brand to stand on top of your competitors you just have to climb up the ladder, and the only way to do this is by investing in marketing. If you think it’s time to get your game on and start spreading the word, let us know what you think is best to do: Online, Offline marketing, or both? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.


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