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5 Habits That Healthy People Do Everyday

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A lot of people–along with myself–often wonder how others can always be healthy, happy and optimistic even though they seem to be as busy as we are. How do they do it? I’ve done a bit of research and I found some of the best habits that healthy people have. I’ve started adding them all into my daily routine and I am starting to feel a lot better already.

1. Drink A Glass Of Water First Thing In The Morning!

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Drinking water in the am can really wake up your metabolism so you can start burning fat! Studies actually show that drinking water increases the metabolic rate by 30 percent. Plus, the more water that you drink, the less that your body retains it. Say goodbye to excess water weight!

2. Workout!

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Working out is a great way to feel and look good. Every time you workout, a neurotransmitter is released called dopamine. It fights against negative mental states like stress and depression. No wonder why hitting the gym feels so good when your pissed off!

3. Take 2 AZO Cranberry Gummies Daily!


Obviously only healthy ladies use this everyday! AZO Cranberry Gummies is a urinary maintenance tool that incorporates the clinically proven benefits of cranberry.* They are easy to take–just 2 once a day (equal to 10 oz of cranberry juice**)–and they help keep the urinary tract nice and clean! The gummies are made with Pacran®, which is a super concentrated cranberry powder.* AZO Cranberry Gummies are great because they have all of the benefits of drinking cranberry juice but without all of the sugar. And they taste great, too!

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4. Pack Your Lunch

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Packing your lunch is simple, easy, and saves you money–and who doesn’t like to save money? I love to pack my lunch because I get super excited for it while I am working! And because I already know what I am going to eat, I can spend more time enjoying my lunch break instead of waiting in line and counting up my change.

5. Make Time For Yourself

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You are pushed to the edge all day making deadlines and meetings. Taking a little time at the end of your day and take a hot bath, drink some green tea (great for your metabolism!), or read that book that you’ve been putting off for the last few weeks.

Making small changes to your daily life can make a huge difference in the long run. Work in a few of these tips and I can promise you, you’ll feel the difference. Message me in the comments and let me know what helps you stay healthy and happy everyday.



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**Biological activity of 10oz cranberry juice cocktail
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