3 Websites That Make it Easy to Sell Your Stuff

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If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash and quickly, selling items, you are no longer using may be a great way to go. We all have things sitting in our homes that we have not even looked at this year, let alone used. So why not make some extra cash from it? Find some things in your home you want to sell and start making a little cash!

The thing is that finding the right place to go to sell your stuff online is difficult. You have to know who lets you sell your things let alone what items are appropriate to sell on a given channel. After doing a little research, I found three websites that will allow you to sell all your unused things around your house to make some extra cash.

This article contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated for any purchase made by clicking on them. Thank you for supporting Miss Millennia Magazine!

So get ready to make some money honey! Check out my three sites below.

Boomslang iT

Use it to Sell: Games, Video Game Consoles, and PC Hardware

Boomslang iT is an excellent resource if you are a gamer who is looking to trade your old game console in exchange for something newer. This goes for any PC hardware that you want to upgrade but needs cash before you do so.

Since this site is heavily geared towards Console, Mobile and PC gamers, they have a community where you can meet other gamers and talk about the latest technology being released to improve your gaming experience.

They claim always to be cheaper than their biggest competitor because they want you to use the cash you earn on new games and gear. So I guess the question that remains is, are you Ready to Upgrade?

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While you are at it,  you may want to enter the giveaway that Boomslang It is having right now. They are giving away a Ryzen PC Build to 1 lucky winner! But never fear, there are many ways to put in extra entries to win! 

AORUS Ryzen Motherboard Giveaway!


Use it to Sell: Old Cell Phones, DVDs, Books, and CDs

Decluttr makes it easy to sell your stuff

Another site I like to use is called Decluttr I’ve used it to sell a bunch of DVDs since I stream most of my movies now. And I thought I would never get any money back from my collection of DVDs. But Decluttr will take them! No matter how awful the movie was. Their system makes it super easy to upload the ISBNs of the products you want to sell, and it immediately gives you a price of how much they are willing to pay you for that item.

I was a little disappointed at how low the price was for DVDs, but there were a few DVDs that they paid me way more for than others. So I do think they have a system based on what they pay you depending on what items they already have in stock. But still worth it since the DVDs would be sitting on my shelf instead of my bank account!

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Facebook Marketplace

Use it to Sell: Furniture, clothes, anything in your home you are no longer using

Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell your stuff

Lastly is the Facebook Marketplace. I know it has been around for some time now, but it is a wonderful place to sell your things. First of all, everyone and their mother (literally) has a Facebook account. The next part is that Facebook knows a great deal about you, including where you live, so it is going to show you items that are closest to you to buy.

They make it easy to add a photo for the thing you want to sell along with a price so you can sell stuff quickly. You could go as far as to have a full garage sale on here! So gather up whatever you have not sold on the two sites above and sell it on the Facebook marketplace.

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There you have it! Three awesome sites that should help you sell as much stuff as you want. Why not start this weekend? If you are looking for some other recommendations for other places to sell your items, check out our article called Make More Money Selling Things You Don’t Want.

We all have things sitting in our homes that we have not even looked at this year, let alone used. So why not sell your stuff and make some extra cash from it?

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