Achieving Big Things With Your Friendships in Tact

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Most jobs that we take on have an end goal. You receive the task, figure it out, and then it’s completed. One job that will never end, however, is working on yourself. You are your greatest, and in my case, the most difficult task you will ever try to tackle. However, what makes the journey less daunting is the people you surround yourself with. Friendships, when chosen correctly, can have the biggest impact on your life and help to mold you to become the best version of yourself. I can attest that if were not for my closest friendships, I would not be where I am today. They have accepted me for all of my flaws and help me to channel my inner Beyoncé so that I can slay in life. Here are some tips on the types of friends you should keep in your inner circle to continuously achieve big things in your life.

The Peace-Keeper

No, I’m not talking about the peace-keepers in The Hunger Games, I’m talking about that person that always seems to be level-headed and rarely gets upset. This is the individual that will help you through the frustrating times when you feel that nothing is going your way. I have had occasions where I am working on an impossible task or partnered with an annoying individual on an assignment, and my peace-keeper has helped me to remain calm. Your peace-keeper is vital when you enter the workforce and come upon challenging situations.

get alongThe Comedian

You always need a person that will keep you laughing. This person helps you to realize that sometimes life does not need to be taken so seriously and to laugh at yourself. Now I’m not saying to spend a majority of your time with the comedian because some things in life need to be taken seriously. The comedian is there to help you remember the wonder of the world and to sometimes take things with a grain of salt. They say that laughter is the best medicine, which is why this person is great when you don’t have too many sick days to take.

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The Lover

The lover is that warm, fuzzy person that just emulates light and happiness. You know who I’m talking about. The person that when you are around them, you just instantly feel better. Or this person can give you a hug, and it just makes your whole day better. Everybody needs this person in their life because often the lover helps you to see the love within yourself. When someone shows me love, I am then able to pass it on to the next person, I encounter which creates a kind of pay it forward movement. Now what some people tend to forget is that tough love is needed along with the sweet love. I am a tough lover in my friendships because sometimes they need a dose of reality. So this may need to be two different individuals for you: one who is sweet and one who is tough.



The Fighter

The fighter I would say is my second favorite person to keep in my clique because they are the ones that get shit done and encourage you to do the same. They don’t take any crap in life and will push you to do the same. This is the person that, to quote Hunger Games, really leans into life and refuses to sit back while others make a difference. The fighter is the one that will motivate you and empower you to do great things. This is also the person to call when things are About. To. Go. Down!


The Wise One

The wise person is my absolute favorite. For me, this is the women in my family, particularly my mom. Yes, your mom is your friend, stop denying it. This person exuberates so much life and experience that you could never learn in a book or anywhere else. This is the person that has been there and done that and is there to help you when you call out for help. The wise one needs to be your human version of Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas. They are the ones that share stories that have a deeper meaning and can relate to what you are going through. Make sure you find your Grandmother Willow!


And that one you can just never agree with

You know EXACTLY, who I am talking about. This is the individual that will argue with you till their blue in the face that the sky is green, and the grass is blue. While life would seem 10x easier just to let them go, they push you to see new perspectives. If you truly take advantage of that friendship and listen to the crazy things they have to say, you might find some truths in there. They also help you to see things from someone else’s perspective which in work and life is essential to being successful. Most places are more willing to hire someone that can work with individuals that can work with anyone, even their worst enemy. So don’t take this one for granted because it helps to build your sense of understanding and connecting with others. Now notice that I did not say they need to be your best friend! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

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Now while I have listed six different types of characteristics, this does not mean that it has to be six different people. Some can express two of these characteristics while one may express all six. The decision is up to you! Just be sure to find your crew that can help you be a better you.

Who are your six friends in your inner crew? Be sure to tag them in the comments!

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Achieving Big Things With Your Friendships in Tact

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  • Alli Smith

    I located my friends in these different personality types. Some of them do have more than one trait. And I do know who my friend is that would disagree with everyone on every subject. I’m not telling. :)

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    Love this post! I have all types of friends and could cover each of your topics. Love them all!

  • Pam W

    It’s important to have a variety of types of friends. Some of my friends fit into multiple categories but that works for us.

  • We are all a work in progress as there’s always room for improvement. You’ve sorted that the different friends we get to meet and treasure on our life.

  • Incredible post and just so true!! :)

  • These personality traits are so true. I can definitely see many of these in my friends & family members. It’s important to celebrate each other’s differences & similarities.

  • I can totally recognize all of these! I love all of these types of friends. I wonder which one I am to my friends.

  • Shirley Wood

    I’m currently singing in my head that old song “God’s not finished with me yet” We are all pretty much introspective most of the time, I think. I recognize so many of my friends in these characteristics and myself as well.

  • Anita Anderson

    I truly believe that we all have one of each of the person’s you describe above in our lives. It makes us who we are and grateful for them in our lives.

  • I am very grateful for the peace keepers and comedians I have in my life. Life has enough drama and I like to be around people who make me laugh even during difficult times.

  • valmg

    I have no inner circle or crew. I have my husband. And I have my parents that have stood by me through everything always.

  • Tori Gabriel

    I am normally the peace keeper in our group of friends. However, as you said, I recognise myself in other descriptions. Makes me wonder which category Friends would be in?

  • michele d

    Not many reach that “Circle” but I would say, I have a few friends that are dear to my heart.

  • Dina Demarest

    I have quite a few that match those descriptions. And some that are more than one of those characteristics. It’s fun to go through life with your friends.

  • Jeanine

    All my friends that I am super close with live so far away. It can be so tough, but I need to make some closer friends I think. I’d much rather spend time with my hubby, kids and my furbabies though.

  • Jessica Hughes

    Aww I love this post nd it’s so true!! Great writing!

  • I have a very small circle of friends comprised of people that make up multiple of these roles. Heck, my husband comprises most of them at times, lol

  • MamaMommyMom

    I am very blessed to have a handful of super close friends that I can count on for anything. The Wise One knows who she is and is always my sounding board before I make any big life decisions.

  • Carol Perehudoff

    Three cheers for good friends, whether they’re wise, fighters or simply breaths of fresh air. We’d be lost without them.

  • John lopez

    I’m definitely the comedian in any group but I do at times get serious. It’s cool that you’re going to find different behaviors and traits of friends

  • Haha this is just so true – I have to admit I’m not sure which friend I am though! x