4 Easy Side Hustles Millennials Can Start Right Now

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The job market is not what it used to be, particularly for the millennial generation. I for one can speak to this; it is the very reason that motivated me to create Miss Millennia Magazine.

I graduated with a degree, during a recession with no real world experience. As a matter of fact, no one would even consider me for opportunities for interviews with my record as a recent college graduate. It was not until after I started Miss Millennia Magazine and added it to my resume that I finally got my first big girl job.


My story is a perfect example in the ways that a side hustle can pay off in more way than one. Millennials, like myself, are facing different employment challenges from the ones earlier generations faced and have made the side hustle, or the second job, a major means of closing their personal wage and experience gaps. If you are part of the millennial generation and want to pad your income with a side job, there are several you can start today that requires little to no financial investment.

1.     City Tour Guide

If you live in a large city that tourists flock to, then you can make extra money being a tour guide. This side job does not require any extra school, and all you truly need is an in-depth knowledge of your city, how to travel efficiently, and a knack for interacting with a variety of people. This job would especially lucrative for you if you live in a place where you can conduct walking tours, as you would not need a large vehicle or to invest in gas money.becoming a tour guide is a great side hustle for millennials

You might be able to make extra money as a city tour guide if you speak a second language. Consider strengthening your communication skills, especially if overseas tourists frequent your city. Bilingual tours are usually accessible at larger attractions, which may give you the opportunity to make more cash.

2.     Pet Sitting

becoming a pet sitter is a great side hustle for millennials

According to a poll conducted by the Humane Society of the United States, well over half of the millions of people in America who own pets view them as family and not property. This means that many owners loathe leaving their dog or cat home alone all day while they work, which could turn into a part-time job opportunity for you. Consider offering services such as feeding, walking, or playtime for dogs and cats. You can travel to other people’s homes or have owners drop their pets off at your house.

3.     Freelance Editor

becoming a freelance editor is a great side hustle for millennials

If you are a grammar guru and know where to put a comma, then you can make some extra cash online by editing academic essays, practice tests, and college entrance letters. From high school to college, essays are a fact of life, and you can sell your services as an editor either by the word or by the page. You can advertise for free on social media or by posting flyers at local schools. You may want to ask the administration for permission before posting any ads, as some institutions have rules about what can be posted on school grounds.

4.     Private Driving Services

becoming a private driver is a great side hustle for millennials

One of the most attractive side hustles for millennials today is to drive for cash, either independently or through a service like Uber. It is convenient because you can choose your own hours and plan your availability around your own schedule. If you plan on driving for cash, you may want to ask your local insurance agency if you require any kind of special insurance that will protect both you and your passengers and how you can save money on your car insurance premiums.

As a millennial, you probably face many financial challenges. However, picking up a side hustle that is both lucrative and enjoyable for you can help make ends meet, allow you to gain some job experience, and reduce your financial stress.

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