What people said…

Several women associated sexy trashy “trashy,” while some described it as either purely or primarily physical.

The consensus on this end of the spectrum seemed to be that sexiness correlates with trashiness, yet equally, desirability.

What woman wouldn’t want to be called beautiful?

The women on the forums seemed to think that choosing “beautiful” over “sexy” eliminates an appealing part of themselves.

If someone told you that a sultry, red-lipstick pout made you more attractive to a potential mate than a pretty face, many women would buy that lipstick in a heartbeat.

Who can blame them for feeling that way?

– Being “sexy” does not make you “slutty,” or a woman of lower class. – Choosing one adjective over another to describe yourself is just unnecessary.

– Sensuality can indeed be attractive and is only one of the many qualities that contribute to your beauty. – Beauty is not a negative thing and is not just about physical appearance.

Sexy vs. Beautiful: Do You Really Need To Choose?