5 Unique Gift Ideas For Avid Travelers

Why not get the ball rolling for them by buying their plane ticket, hotel, and car rental?

Buy Them a Trip

I like Momondo for car rentals since they have excellent prices and give you various rental companies to choose from.

Every world traveler needs a perfect travel bag, and this Camelbak Pivot Tote is precisely that.

CamelBak Pivot Tote

If you have a friend going on a big trip somewhere in the next year, it may be a good idea to get them the gift of language with Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone Langauge Software

I’ll admit I did not know much about Lonely Planet when I first discovered their top-ranked places to visit list book. But I LOVED it.

Lonely Planet Travel Books

I purchased a few of these last year to give as gifts, and not only were they enjoyed by the recipient but also by the entire family when they got their results.

23 and Me DNA Kit

14 Unique Gift Ideas For Avid Travelers