The 5 Best Couples Comic-Con Costumes

You’ll only need some striped white and black shirts, black pants, an old-fashioned money bag, and a couple of masks.

#1 Bank Robbers

The Wizard of Oz is another movie that offers couples Comic-Con costume options.

#2 Wizard of Oz Characters

This classic couple’s costume idea never gets old and is impossible to miss at a party.

#3 Popeye and Olive Oyl

If you and your partner are down with the superhero vibes, why not go as two of the most famous and powerful superheroes?

#4 Superman and Wonder Woman

If you and your other half are into Pokemon, why not go as Pikachu and his trainer, Ash?

#5 Pikachu & Ash

The 10 Best Couples Comic-Con Costumes