Aquaphor vs. Cetaphil: Which Face Wash Is Better?

Because Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser and Aquaphor’s daily moisturizer are not heavy on the skin.

Why Aquaphor and Cetaphil are Best For Sensitive Skin?

Aquaphor’s petroleum jelly content is extremely effective for treating skin conditions like dry skin, or irritated skin.

Aquaphor Pros

Compared to another popular brand Eucerin (owned by the same parent company) Aquaphor is much more greasy and heavy.

Aquaphor Cons

Cetaphil’s products are paraben free, hypoallergenic, and free from any fragrances, and do not clog pores.

Cetaphil Pros

A lot of users have found Cetaphil to be a little drying than some other brands.

Cetaphil Cons

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, you can pair the Cetaphil face wash with the Aquaphor gentle ointment.

Which Face Wash is Better?

Aquaphor vs. Cetaphil: Which Face Wash Is Better?