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Visit Hawaii On A Budget With These 6 Simple Tips

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Visit Hawaii On A Budget With These 6 Simple TipsVacations are an amazing way to destress, relax, and explore the world. Unfortunately, many people think that their budget holds them back from traveling. Luckily, with the right plan, you don’t have to settle for yet another staycation. You can even visit Hawaii on a budget!

Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. It has large stretches of sand, beautiful beaches, and a relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately, a trip to Hawaii isn’t cheap. But with the right planning, you can still enjoy a lavish island vacation without breaking the bank.

Here’s your guide to visiting Hawaii on a budget. 

1. Pick the right Airline & Timing

Taking a vacation to Hawaii is a huge expense, but you can save money by picking the right airline timing your trip well.

There are a few affordable budget airlines, with different options available depending on where you’re flying in from. Shop around pricing from multiple airlines before choosing one.

I recommend using Momondo. They find amazing prices for flights that will help you stick to your budget. As a bonus, they will help you time your trip right to save money too!

The timing of your trip can have a significant impact on how much you spend. If you avoid peak seasons and look for discounted flights on Momondo, you can go to Hawaii for a lot cheaper. Typically, the best time to visit while on a budget is the end of January through May and then again in September and October.

Start searching for flights on Momondo today!

2. Comparison Shop Hotels

There are tons of discount deals on Hawaii hotels, allowing you to comparison shop. Hawaii is an expensive honeymoon destination, but that’s only if you don’t do the right research to determine which hotel is right for your budget.

While the more lavish hotels do cost more, you don’t have to be sipping your favorite beverage on a balcony overlooking the ocean to experience Hawaii to its fullest.

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Again, Momondo can help! By bundling your airfare and hotel fees, you’ll save even more money.

3. Make Your Own Meals

Food in Hawaii is expensive, so you can save a few bucks by making some of your own meals. Making one meal a day can keep you within budget.

And so you don’t miss out on new cuisine, you can buy ingredients from local groceries. Stock up on food and snacks that can help you avoid eating out for every meal.

When you save money on food, you can spend it on activities like snorkeling!

4. Don’t Island Hop

Hawaii has many unique islands that each have something unique to enjoy. This makes island hopping tempting, but if your budget doesn’t allow for it, don’t fret. Stick to one island and stick to your budget

You don’t need to spend extra cash on transportation from island to island.

5. Take Public Transportation

Car rentals may seem pretty cheap when you look at how much they’ll cost a day. However, by using public buses to get around, you can save hundreds of dollars.

The local bus service in Hawaii costs only a few dollars, and you can transfer twice using the same ticket. This allows you to travel almost anywhere with just one ticket. You can also get a bus pass for much cheaper than one day of a car rental.

If you want to be touristy during your vacation to Hawaii, you can also use the Waikiki Trolley Bus. It runs several different lines and offers the opportunity to jump on and off at multiple stops and attractions.

6. Enjoy Free Activities

Hawaii is filled with tons of free activities! There are tons of things to do that don’t cost anything, like visiting the historic Pearl Harbour, the USS Arizona Memorial, and hanging out on the famous Waikiki Beach.


Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you want to relax. But it can be expensive! If you take these six pieces of advice, though, you’ll be able to visit Hawaii on your budget.


Visit Hawaii On A Budget With These 6 Simple Tips

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