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Top 3 Vegan Business Ideas That Will Make You Money

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Top 3 Vegan Business Ideas That Will Make You Money

We are in the middle of an environmental crisis raging around the globe. Because of this, consumers are increasingly aware of the harm that their diets and lifestyles have on the planet and its inhabitants. There has been a significant shift in the way the corporate market operates. Launching a vegan business is becoming more and more popular.

More people are conscious of the damage eating meat and animal products cause to both animals and the environment. This means that there is a much bigger market for vegan-friendly products than ever before. Supermarket chains now stock more vegan options, with the ranges constantly growing.

This exciting development isn’t just good news for the country’s growing number of vegansit’s also a great opportunity for vegan entrepreneurs to show their business prowess and appeal to this growing consumer segment.

Business owners are already jumping on the vegan bandwagon, with everything from cookbooks to t-shirts on offer to help vegans improve their diets and showcase their ethical beliefs to the world.

With so much competition, it’s important that you properly market your new business. Your target market is consumers who put their principles before profit. They require a higher amount of accountability and information than traditional customers.

For those adventurous entrepreneurs who are keen to start their own vegan business, take a look at our top three ideas for your next enterprise.

Top 3 Vegan Business Ideas That Will Make You Money

1. Vegan Clothes and Accessories

Many people assume that veganism only has to do with food. However, there are many items that are produced in a way that harms animals, such as clothes and accessories.

For example, some fashion items use animal glue, such as bags and shoes. Many items are also made of animal hides, such as leather or fur. Even makeup sometimes contains animal products or the products are tested on animals.

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Therefore, the increase in veganism has brought an increased need for ethical fashion, opening up a huge area in the fashion and accessories market. There are many different options for those seeking vegan clothing products, such as plant-based leathers, polyester faux fur, cruelty-free makeup, and dyes made from non-animal substances.

If you have the talent and skills required to make vegan-friendly clothing, then you could even start your own home-based business. Accessories such as makeup, and even vegan jewelry, are also a great option.

When you’re ready to launch your products, head to Etsy. They are the best place to sell your homemade products. You will be able to work directly with customers to customize the products you deliver to them, as well as create things in bulk to sell.

A big plus is that there are already some vegan artists selling clothes and accessories on Etsy, so you know that users search for those products on the site looking for products just like yours.

Join Etsy today!

2. Vegan Catering Company

Start a Vegan Catering Company

There is a growing demand for vegan caterers to cater for vegan events and parties. If you already own a catering company or you are interested in starting one, you should be sure to include vegan food.

You can choose to have your menu only vegan recipes, or you can have a larger menu and offer vegan cooking options. Either way, you need to be transparent with your ingredients and cooking techniques.

While you’re at it, you can also include gluten-free menu items to be even more inclusive. 

There are few things that you should consider before going ahead with a vegan catering company that doesn’t just have to do with food. One such thing is catering van insurance. Another is hiring and managing delivery and serving staff. Learn more about running your own business in our article 5 Things You Should Do When Starting A Small Business.

3. Vegan Specialty Shop

Even though the vegan community has grown considerably in recent years, there are still not many vegan stores around. Many vegans do their shopping in mainstream stores, which provide very few choices. Take this opportunity to establish a specialty shop of various different vegan-friendly products.

From food to clothes to gifts, you could create an online or physical vegan specialty store to cater to those who are usually left out by traditional stores.

When establishing a vegan shop, you should make sure that you market it clearly to your target market. That way, you attract customers who will buy vegan products or are eager to learn more about them.

Make sure that every product is completely vegan. Do your research so that you can answer common questions, such as queries about sustainability, animal testing, and the use of ingredients that have the potential to cause harm to the planet, such as palm oil.


It is important that as society progresses and moves forward that the world of business does as well. More people want to shop from ethical businesses than ever before! Vegan businesses are the future. Join the movement and start your own!


Top 3 Vegan Business Ideas That Will Make You Money

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