How To Save Money On Your Energy Costs This Winter

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How To Save Money On Your Energy Costs This Winter fb

Whether you are concerned with the health of our planet or just looking to save on your energy costs, finding ways to reduce your energy use are not too hard to find. For many homeowners, the cost of utilities is sometimes as much or more than the rent or mortgage. In specific regions, cooling or heating your home can cost a lot of money. Thankfully, there are many easy adjustments you can make in your home to dramatically lower the amount of money you spend on energy each month. If you don’t want to worry about getting a loan against your car to cover your next energy bill, follow some of these tips below.

energy costs this winter

Let The Sun Help Warm Your Home

If you are looking to keep your home warm and toasty, having your window curtains and shades closed all day is resulting in wasted energy that you could be getting for free. The sun should be the main focus concerning temperature control in your home through the year. During the winter time, open your window curtains and shades on the south-facing side of your home to allow free heat into your home. When the sun starts to go down, close your window coverings to help keep the heat inside.

Wear Warmer Clothes At Home

Wearing warmer clothes around the house is one of the simple ways to save on your energy costs this winter. Instead of turning up the thermostat, try wearing a warm sweater, pants, and socks. You can also bundle up with a warm blanket when relaxing on the couch.


Use Ceiling Fans Properly

Homes with better airflow and ventilation are more energy efficient in both winter and summer months. If your home has ceiling fans, you have some control over the ventilation and air flow. When used properly, ceiling fans can help achieve energy efficiency in your home. During the summer, make sure your ceiling fan is rotating counter-clockwise to push the hot air up to keep your home cooler. During the cooler months, turn your ceiling fan controls clockwise to help trap the heat inside your rooms. During the winter, keep your ceiling fan on a low setting to help gently push the hot air down into the room.

energy costs this winter
Heat And Cool What You Need

Instead of leaving your home and thermostat at a constant temperature, you can adjust the heat to a lower temperature when not at home. This will help reduce energy costs because you’re not paying for heating that no one is using. This also might be the time to invest in a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the heat to a specified temperature throughout the day and night. You also can remotely adjust the heat through your smartphone when you’re not at home as well.


If your home has rooms that you don’t set foot in most of the day, close and seal off the vents in those rooms to help save on energy. Areas such as guest rooms, game rooms, and large storage areas do not need to be heated or cooled all of the time like the rest of your home does.

Keep Furnace Unblocked And Clean

For some people, lowering their energy costs can be as simple as making sure the furnace is clean and unblocked. If the vents have dirt and debris stuck in them, the air circulation will have to be forced in and will result in more energy being used. Check the filter of your furnace each month and replace it when it’s dirty. Additionally, change out the filter for your air conditioner each month as well. Clogged air filters will cause your AC unit to run longer and harder to cool your home.

Get A Humidifier


During the winter months, the air in your home can become very dry. A humidifier helps to add moisture to the air; the moisture feels warmer and will help hold heat better.  A humidifier will help you feel more comfortable and allow you to set your thermostat to a lower temperature.

energy costs this winter

Insulation Is Key

One of the best ways to ensure you are not wasting energy is making sure your home is adequately insulated. Many people across the country lose hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs because of escaping cold air and heat in their homes due to the lack of proper insulation. Consider weather stripping your windows and doors to start. You may also consider hiring a professional to check your whole home for areas that need more insulation.


Limit Use of Exhaust Fans


An exhaust fan in your kitchen or bathroom will pull the hot air that rises out of your home. Do not run exhaust fans constantly and shut them off when finished.


Balanced Energy Bills


Since the weather is constantly changing throughout a year, it can have a real impact on energy costs. This can cause your energy bills to fluctuate significantly from month to month and throughout the year. Many utility companies will help you to distribute your energy costs evenly over each month. This helps to keep energy bills lower in high usage months and will allow you to budget your energy costs more effectively.  

There are many easy adjustments you can make in your home to dramatically lower the amount of energy costs spent each month, particularly this winter.

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