How to be Zen in a World Full of Chaos

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There is so much going on in this world, most which are not too pleasant at the moment. Post-election life, the holidays (even though we love our family, they can be draining), etc. It just goes on and on. These things do nothing but cause you immense amounts of stress, which can be terrible for your health.

Especially those that like to change the world. You must first make sure all is right with you before you can help others. So how can you find peace during a time that is so chaotic? Well here are a few ways to be Zen in a world full of chaos.

Intentional breathing


Breathing is something most do not consciously think about. It is just something you have to do to live. However, that’s the problem.

We never slow down to appreciate the things that we do on autopilot. Something that was introduced to me last year was intentional breathing.

This type of breathing is when you take the time to focus on your breath and feel it expand your lungs and then decrease. I like to think of it as breathing in the good or the future and breathing out the negative or past. All you need to do is close your eyes, and consciously breath in slowly then exhale slowly.

You will be able to feel the tension leaving your body. What is amazing about this is that it is something you can do anywhere at any time (except while driving). Some don’t like closing their eyes so if that is the case for you, do whatever feels right.


Using your body to work out stress can be the most rewarding way to find your Zen. The best way to do this is through yoga. Yoga makes you carve out a few minutes of “me” time and practice self-care for your body and your mind.

What’s so great about yoga is that you can practice wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. Yoga could be done in your office during the height of your stress or while you are at home and trying to relax.


You might be worrying that you don’t have the time to get to a yoga studio. Well, there is a fantastic company called MyYogaWorks that allows you to take yoga classes online! MyYogaWorks offers over 1,000 online yoga classes that you can stream from your laptop, tablet, phone or TV.

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So you can practice yoga wherever and whenever! There is always time to find your Zen, but if you are in a pinch, MyYogaWorks offers classes that will fit your schedule. The class could range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes.

These tutorials include sequences to suit yogis of all levels of experience. I am very much still in the beginning stage, so I can access classes that are on my level and know that I can increase the intensity as I go.


Sounds amazing right?! Well, it’s about to get better. You can get one year of access to premium online yoga from MyYogaWorks for only $49. This is a package that is usually $150!

Use this opportunity to treat yourself or someone else you know that needs to find some Zen amongst all this chaos.

Nature walks


This one may require that you have more time on your hands, but would be worth. Take a moment to connect with nature and with the Earth. Even if you can’t go on a nature walk, just go outside, or open a window. You will be able to at least feel some connection with the world.

It is so important that we take the time to appreciate all that is around us and that we are still alive. The Earth just has a way of doing that for people. Why do you think Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas was so amazing?

You can’t tell me that you didn’t feel total Zen whenever she came on the television. She was a tree and the center of nature! So go out and find your Grandmother Willow.

Drink water


I know it must get so annoying to hear every article about mental or physical health urge you to drink water; But y’all, that must tell you something about the wonders it does for you. Stress can cause serious dehydration which can make you look worn out and feel even more crappy.

Water replenishes your skin and makes you feel full and complete. Bananas, I know, but the days that I am most hydrated are the days I stress the least. Just think of it as sipping your stress away.



Painting is so therapeutic because you get to unleash how you are feeling through colors. Sometimes colors say more than we could ever speak and when you are stressed, those emotions build up inside. Using paint as an outlet could be exactly what you need.

Your paintings do not have to be good (trust me, mine suck) because painting is something just for you. Maybe you create something that you can look at whenever you do start to feel stressed.

Save it just for you, hang it up, torch it, do whatever you need to do. It may feel even better to paint something terrible or paint out what’s stressing you and then burn it. Colors just have a way of expressing us when we can’t do it.

Try these tips, and soon you will be able to be Zen in a world full of chaos.


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