9 Practical Tips and Tricks to Growing Healthy Hair

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No matter the hair type, everyone is working to get healthier hair. There’s no question about whether your hair is damaged in the age of blowout bars, extreme dye jobs, and perms (yes, they’re back! ), but rather how badly damaged it is.

According to scientists, even wrecked hair can be revived with a few subtle adjustments to your routine before you feel hopeless. Continue reading to learn the 9 tips and tricks that will have you sporting shinier and healthier-looking hair in no time!

Don’t Wash Too Often

When water is applied to hair, it swells from the inside, which pushes up the cuticle. Washing too often can also cause your hair to be stripped from its natural oils. You can get frizz and breakage when you do that over and over again.

You should skip a day whenever you can. You’re better off using a dry shampoo that’s a hard-core oil and odor absorber. Rather than coating your hair with powder and removing grease and sweat, dry shampoo removes them.

Stock Your Shower

Consider adding a pre-shampoo or co-wash to your routine! Basically, it smoothes the cuticle before wetness, so there’s less damage to the hair.

The friction of shampoo products is also prevented. It is also said that hair that rubs against each other will fray.

Think About Conditioner

It is a well-known fact that they help make your hair softer, smoother, and shinier. When it comes to blow-dryers or flat irons, you also need to be aware of the importance of conditioners when it comes to protecting them from the heat.

Conditioner coats hair better in comparison to heat-protectant spray because conditioner sprays are better at protecting against heat than heat-protectant sprays. The conditioner should be applied to all of your hair strands and should be left on for five minutes prior to being rinsed with cool water.

Add Layers

In addition to using a heat-protectant spray, be sure to avoid heat when you can. For the times when you can’t avoid it, make sure to apply your heat-protectant well!

Take small sections of damp hair and mist up and down the length (two to three spritzes per section). Finish by combing the product through your hair so it is evenly distributed; heat protectants are useless if they are not applied evenly.

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Use Your Old Shirts

You’ll be amazed at how gentle your Tour tee is on your hair compared to a Frette towel when you dry your hair! Top hairstylists depend on them. Using it instead of a regular towel doesn’t damage the cuticle as much which makes creating healthy-looking hair is easier.

Keep Your Head Cool

After blow-drying or flat ironing your hair, it feels hot, which means it’s still frying. It’s the same thing with a blow-dryer, flatiron, or curling iron whose heat is retained after it is removed from the heat source. Hit “cold shot” on your dryer in order to better protect your hair.

Be Creative

As a result, if you leave your hair to air-dry overnight, you will be able to minimize damage to your hair and free up valuable morning time for snoozing, drinking coffee, or whatever. It is one trick that will work for all types of hair!

Sleeping with damp hair in two loose braids is the best method by far. The results are smooth, curly hair is loosened, and straight hair is transformed to have beachy waves. Even if you decide to use conditioners with colored tints in them, you could use those to change your hair’s color temporarily.

Treat Your Hair

In the long run, weekly scalp treatments can have a much more substantial effect than you would think. The hair follicles should be kept clean to prevent any blockages and inflammations.

Make sure you use a product that contains salicylic acid to clean your scalp, it’s going to do a better job than shampoos in cleaning your hair follicles.

It is often difficult to get rid of dandruff when you are pressed for time. Dandruff shampoo is a great solution for cleaning the scalp well!

If you have blonde hair, a great way to treat it and stop it from yellowing is to use a purple shampoo. For this you may want to read Purple Shampoo: Everything You Need To Know.

Add Some Shine

There are a lot of shine sprays and serums available! There are two main types of dry oils. One is made up of silicones and oils which are lightest and produce the most realistic shine.

A smooth cuticle is one of the hallmarks of healthy hair, which is why they are used to smooth hair.

Overall, there are so many different ways to begin your healthy hair journey! Try one or try them all and let us know in the comments below if they have worked for you.

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