Sweet Tooth: 4 Odd Ways To Curb and End It

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Sweet tooth? Ugh! Do you know that longing taste in your mouth, where you desire to eat something really sweet? Yeah. They call it a sweet tooth and many people who like sweets experience it time to time. A sweet tooth can be very pesky. It’s a craving that sometimes doesn’t go away for a while, and may even have you indulging in fatty, sugary foods that will damper any commitment you have to watching what you eat.

But there’s hope; there are ways you can curb a sweet tooth. Because sometimes actually eating something sweet won’t even fix your sweet tooth, but will magnify it even more. Perhaps these odd ways that helped me below can help you too:

4. Find Something Else to Eat

If your mind is bent on acquiring something sweet to eat, make attempts to change that by training yourself to eat something else whenever you want to eat something sweet (eat something bitter). Peanut butter may be the best alternative. Just a teaspoon of peanut butter is under 50 calories and extremely low in sugar. If you can teach yourself to eat something different whenever you have a craving for sweet tooth for bad foods, replace it with healthier options.

Woman Brushing Teeth to curb sweet tooth
Credit: Stuart Miles.

3. Brush Your Teeth

Aside from dental and health reasons, brushing your teeth has some other good purposes. Most people brush their teeth at least two times a day. And some people brush more than that, either to rid taste out of their mouth, or to keep their mouth clean. The former is the reason why you should try to use this technique to rid taste from your mouth. Ever felt hungry for something but didn’t eat because you had just brushed your teeth? If you have, that’s exactly the reason why this can help. Most people have trained their bodies to know that once your teeth is brushed, you swear off eating for the rest of the day, or for several hours at most.

2. A Pinch of Salt for a Sweet Tooth?

Ever ate something salty and became so thirsty for water afterwards? Well, salty stuff makes people thirsty. Add a small pinch of salt to your tongue and drink water afterwards. This will lead you to drinking a lot of water, which helps keep your stomach full.

1. Chew Gum

Chew gum as a last resort if you must. Gum chewing will help kill the taste for something else. It’s a quick fix to getting your mind to focus elsewhere. You also don’t have to worry about consuming anything high in calories, it keeps your mouth busy, and your breath will be fresh. Gum is also said to help reduce the stress associated with cravings.

If you noticed, most of these odd ways are mental. The main goal is to change the way your brain signals these cravings you have.

What are some odd ways that you get rid of cravings? Share.

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