Sex Box: A New Reason to Have a Girls’ Night In

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Have you heard about WEtv’s brand new groundbreaking show Sex Box? It is the latest extreme couples therapy that really works by taking people way past their breaking point! This show is great for everyone regardless of gender because it shows that even though a couple is having problems, with a clear mind and heart, it is pretty easy to resolve many different issues. And on top of all that, Sex Box grabs your attention right away by jumping straight into the action. And with 3 different couples on each episode, it does not drag on! So grab your girls and your favorite wine, Millennials, you are going to want to see this! group of girl friends

What The Heck is Sex Box About?

A lot of couples have their issues, but sometimes they get way out of hand. That is where Sex Box comes into play. Three very qualified, well-known couple therapy experts have come together to help these couples in need and they are extremely qualified and successful in what they do. Dr. Chris Donaghue, a Sexologist and Clinical Psychotherapist (he’s so cute), Dr. Fran Walfish, a Relationship Psychotherapist, and Dr. Yvonne Capehart, a Pastor and Couples Counselor, swear by their method of having sex—on stage—in a sound proof and camera-free box. Distraction free, couples can concentrate on what the other is wanting and needing. Supposedly, the first 15 minutes after having sex , the human body is full of Oxycontin and endorphins that allows people to speak freely and to find the root to their ongoing issues.

What Happens After the Sex Box?

After the couple-in-crisis emerges out of their isolated chamber, all the juicy details comes gushing out of them! They are able to speak freely and openly because—let’s admit it—they just fooled around in front of a live audience. Talking about what is bothering you about your partner cannot be that bad! And more often than not, it is just a communication issue between the two. The doctors really help them through their frustrations. From selfish lovers all the way to plain old trust issues, this show is almost unreal with how well this therapy works. Just having sex on stage can help people who are seriously struggling together. couple holding hands

Sounds Good, But Why Should I Watch It?

Now, what does that mean for you and me? Watching this with your girlfriends, or even your partner, can open up a whole slew of questions and conversations to share. And as it turns out, many people struggle through the same problems that you are dealing with and no one would ever know because it is almost taboo to talk about it. This is one of the biggest reasons why I seriously love Sex Box. It creates a fun atmosphere that allows everyone to feel a little more open and honest with those who are closest to you, which is never really a bad thing! Tune in every Friday at 10pm ET/9CT. Don’t Miss it!

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