Myths That Are Ruining Your Hair

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myths ruining Your Hair

There is so much information on how to care for your hair, and what products to use on your hair all over the internet. Unfortunately, most of this information is falsely ranging from how to care for your hair; to what products to use on your hair to ensure that it remains healthy and luxurious. Some of these tips seem God sent, and they look like they are a quick fix to great locks. However, these are just that, a quick fix. There is no shortcut to anything, and myths that you have believed in and even participated in reinforcing are instead of helping, aiding in ruining your hair. Here are some of the myths

1. The dirtier you keep your hair, the faster it grows

This is among the most known myths. Some people believe that the less you wash and style your hair, the fewer the chances of experiencing hair breakage. This is a myth. Dirty hair will not grow faster but rather, will give you greasy, dirty hair and unpleasant smell from your hair. Celebrity, and experienced hairstylist, all agree that hair is at its strongest and healthiest when it has been cleaned and conditioned.

Of course, washing your hair daily will deprive it of essential oils needed for its overall growth, but this doesn’t mean that you should not wash it at all. Doing it at least two or three times a week will be splendid.

When you fail to wash your scalp, you clog your hair follicles which causes your hair to stop growing. You can use Pureology products, such as their hydrating shampoo to clean your scalp and hair for healthier hair.

 Myths That Are Ruining Your Hair
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2. Plucking out your gray hair makes more gray hairs grow

Another myth is that plucking out your gray hairs makes grayer hairs grow on your scalp. This is untrue. However, the fact that pulling out one gray hair won’t make another one grow shouldn’t encourage you to pluck your grays. This is because plucking hair subjects your follicle and scalp to stress, and it may cause your hair to grow back with an irregular growth pattern or coarser texture.

3. You should shampoo your oily hair daily

This is the third myth that you may have believed and practiced what it preaches, may have caused you massive losses. Shampoos such as the Pureology shampoo, which is just one of the products provided by the Pureology products range, are supposed to clean your hair off of unwanted dirt and oils. However, shampooing your hair every single day will ruin your hair rather than help.

The sulfates in the shampoo strip off more sebum than that produced by the scalp. This may cause your body to overproduce sebum, to make up for what has been lost. It also causes your hair to be very brittle and causes your scalp to itch. You can also find out more information on how to care for your hair rather than over-shampooing it. Also, a change to a healthier diet will help work wonders for your hair.

4. Your shampoo stops working after some time

Another myth that may result in your hair’s ruin is that shampoos do stop working after a while, as a result of getting used to your hair. There is no substantial evidence to support this myth. This myth causes women to change shampoos now and then. This change of shampoos causes things to go from bad to worse because it changes the PH balance.

When your PH balance is off, your hair will experience breakage, and you may suffer from a dry scalp because of lack of moisture. You can use the Pureology hydrating shampoo to avert this if you are already experiencing it.

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5. Natural oils are good for your hair

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This is probably the most popular myth about hair. Women all over the world have been made to believe that using natural oils makes your hair overgrow and remain healthy. This is however quite untrue. Natural oils such as avocado and coconut oils are not capable of penetrating the hair shaft and leaving any lasting effect. They leave your hair feeling sticky and greasy.

Also, oils that have been infused in hair products such as conditioners and hair butter are not the same as say, those meant for cooking; like the ones in hair products have been specially formulated.

Before you choose the natural oils to use for your hair, you need to do proper research. Some manufacturers claim that their products are 100% natural, but in the real sense, they are made up of chemicals that can break or damage your hair. Find out the ingredients that make up the oils before purchase.

To avoid ruining your hair, you should invest in good hair care products that have been tested and proven actually to work. Pureology reviews speak volumes about the reliability of the products, check them out to see what other ladies have to say about the hair products. Most importantly, you need to stop paying attention to the above myths for healthier and beautiful hair!  

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Myths that are ruining your hair



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