Getting Better At Being You: 6 Best Ways To Master Alone Time

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Getting Better At Being You: 6 Best Ways To Master Alone Time

If you’re like most people, you spend most of your waking hours with other people. Solitude is a rare commodity in today’s world. But for this reason, we’re getting worse at it. We think we could spend a week alone in the wilderness, but the reality of that experience might be different than many expect. 

Getting better at being alone isn’t essential: you might love being around others. But it can be an important step on the journey to personal growth. The more comfortable you are in your skin without other people being around, the further you’ve come. 

The purpose of this post is to look at some ways you can master your alone time. The better you get at it, the more you’ll enjoy it. 

So, what’s on the menu? 

#1) Do More Stuff Alone

The first step is to go and do more things by yourself. Going solo from time to time can help you deal with some of the stigma you might feel by spending more time alone, allowing you to feel more free. 

For example, you might go to a restaurant by yourself. This is a brave thing to do because people usually go out together. Eating by yourself shows you have a lot of confidence and aren’t afraid to break the mold. It reveals the person you are and the risks you’re willing to take, even if it isn’t the norm in your area. You don’t mind people watching you as you munch on your food. 

Going to the movies alone is another option. Buying a single ticket and sitting alone in the theater can be a powerful way to assert independence and do things on your terms. You don’t always need other people around to enjoy the experience. 

Finally, you might want to go on adventures in nature alone. Being by yourself can be a fantastic way to enjoy everything on offer. 

#2) Set Goals

Another thing you can do with your alone time is set goals and work toward achieving them. Filling your time with exciting things can be an excellent way to get more out of life and enjoy your time here. 

Setting goals requires having a vision you think it’s worth working towards. It would be best to have something that feels like a mission or purpose, motivating you to carry on daily. 

When you set goals, you have a reason for your alone time – it’s a chance to work on projects without anyone distracting you. You don’t need other people around because you know what you want to do and how to achieve it. 

Setting goals shouldn’t be an exercise in writing endless to-do lists. You want to have an overarching goal that runs alongside day-to-day missions. 

Once you have a goal and start working toward it, it should improve your confidence. You are less likely to fall off the bandwagon and become more inclined to spend time in your own company, where you have complete control over effort and concentration levels. 

#3) Train Your Mind

Training your mind is another productive activity to enjoy while alone. Giving yourself space to focus on cognitive tasks can help improve brain power and enable you to achieve things you never thought possible, such as getting high-flying qualifications. 

There are many ways to train your mind, from meditation to solitaire. Games and concentration practices force the brain to make new connections and approach the world differently. They may also improve intelligence and reaction times, falling recently. 

#4) Be More Creative

If you have the space and ability, you might also want to use your spare time to be more creative. Doing something artistic makes alone time more enjoyable. 

One option is to practice playing a musical instrument. Concentrating on getting the piano or guitar right can pass the time and ensure you use it productively. 

You could also be creative in other ways. For example, you could start writing that novel you’ve been promising yourself you would, or you might try to develop a new model for investing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something visual. 

Being creative is a joy in itself. While it doesn’t always involve other people, it gives you a chance to see what wonders and creations might emerge from your mind if you give it space and time away from everyone else. 

#5) Spend Time Focusing On Self-Care

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Getting better at alone time also involves mastering the art of self-care. Using downtime to look after the body can be an excellent way to make better use of spare afternoons. 

Self-care is a multifaceted practice involving various elements. Most people try to adopt a holistic approach, incorporating aspects from numerous self-care practices into their routines. However, the approach you take is entirely up to you. 

Starting with yoga in the morning, you might then move on to eating a quinoa salad before taking a cold plunge or long sauna. You could also use the time to avoid thinking about work and other life pressures, focusing on the things that matter the most to you, such as your happiness. 

Once you start focusing on self-care, alone time becomes more enjoyable. People might not be around, but you control your space entirely. 

#6) Do Something That Makes Master Alone Time Worthwhile

Ultimately, you want to focus on doing things that make alone time seem worthwhile. It shouldn’t feel like you’re just going through the motions while you wait for the following social interaction.

For some, alone time is best spent hiking in nature. For others, it’s sitting down to read a good book in the snug. 

Whatever it is, please make your alone time something you look forward to. It would be best if you had something that speaks to you. 

Getting Better At Being You: 6 Best Ways To Master Alone Time

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