How To Take A Gym Selfie That Is Totally Instagram-Worthy

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At some point, you’ve seen someone snapping a gym selfie by a weight machine or right after they got off the treadmill. You don’t have to lie—you’ve considered posting one yourself.

But what should you wear? Are you supposed to snap one before or after your workout? Does it matter where you take the photo? Indeed, considering—and posting—a workout selfie can make you self-conscious.

Still, there are many powerful reasons to go ahead and do it. First, a gym selfie is empowering. Not only are you showing off your dedication to physical fitness, but you’re also showing that you love and embrace your body. It’s not just about getting a few “likes” (though that certainly doesn’t hurt the self-esteem); it’s about celebrating your efforts and holding yourself accountable.

Ready to flaunt your fit self? Follow these guidelines for some Instagram-worthy gym selfies.

Location, location, location

The environment plays a crucial role in taking a substantial selfie. Avoid the locker rooms — not only do they make for a bland backdrop, but it’s also where other gym-goers are changing and chilling out, and you want to respect their privacy.

Instead, opt for an empty section of a room with free weights, a window opposite the treadmills, or the corner of a dance studio — anywhere you’re sure there won’t be people in the background. If you’re taking your workout outside, you’ll have even more opportunities for some interesting backdrops, like against a tree or near a lake where you’re stretching post-run (extra points if there’s a stunning sunrise or sunset in the shot).

Find your lighting

As a general rule, natural lighting is your friend when it comes to flattering photographs. Of course, this holds with workout selfies as well.

Why? Because it offers crisper, sharper shadows, and that additional contrast means your muscles look more defined.

Finding good light can be more difficult in a gym than in many other places. Our suggestion is to try to find a spot near a window.

Show off your style

A sweat session is also an opportunity to flaunt your style. But, of course, you probably think about the ensemble you’re wearing for other photos you post on social media, so why should your fitness selfies be any different?

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It’s a fantastic chance to get some wear from the cute new printed workout leggings you bought or brightly colored sneakers.

Don’t shy away from fashion-forward sports bras, like ones with cutouts, mesh, or fun patterns. However, you’ll likely want one made of moisture-wicking material, especially if you plan to take your selfie post-workout — after all, you don’t want any pesky sweat stains showing through.

workout selfies

Try using tools

Your smartphone camera has many features that will be helpful when taking your selfie, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of them. Play around with the brightness, sharpness, contrast, and color saturation, as well as the highlights and shadows, to get your optimal aesthetic.

Most smartphone cameras also feature a built-in timer, which can be helpful if you don’t feel like holding it in your hand or would prefer to use your arms for a complex yoga pose, dumbbells, or barbells. You have to prop your phone up on a surface and choose the seconds you’ll need to get into your desired position before the camera snaps a shot.

By the way—don’t be shy about using a selfie stick if you have one. Of course, you might feel self-conscious, and we get that. But honestly, your fellow gym-goers will probably assume you’re an important influencer and not think twice about it.

Many selfie sticks come in a set with a mini tripod and remote, which allows you to set up your shot exactly how and where you want it.

Strike a pose

Selecting the perfect pose depends on which part of your body you want to show off. For example, if you’re dying to show off all the hard work you’ve put in on your glutes, opt for a side view, which will draw attention to the curve of your behind. On the other hand, placing your hands on your hips will emphasize your arm and shoulder muscles — the biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

workout selfies

Remember that whatever is closest to the camera automatically appears more significant — so you can cleverly adjust the camera angle to draw attention to specific body parts or muscle groups.

Confidence is key

The most important thing to remember is that a workout selfie is about so much more than showing off how your body looks at a particular angle. Please don’t get in your head that other gym-goers or people scrolling through their Instagram feeds might be judging you. Those concerns will only get in the way of you snapping a shot that shows the most confident version of yourself (and believe us, that confidence will come across in your photo).

Speaking of confidence, don’t let yourself pass an hour obsessing over the best possible lighting, location, or angle. Instead, snap a few shots and then get to the important part: your workout. After all, there will be many more opportunities to take new workout selfies and show your progress. But it’s all about loving your body and giving it some much-deserved attention.

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