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The Life of a Millennial on the Move

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As a retired military brat, moving was in my DNA. Up until high school, I had changed schools every year and found myself with a new adventure. Even after I graduated and moved away from home, I found myself constantly wanting to explore the world. One summer I was in Massachusetts whale watching, the next I was doing an internship in London, or there was an occasional weekend in Missouri. Needless to say, I like going from place to place and love exploring all that the world has to offer. I know there are so many other millennials on the move who to face that itch to spontaneously go on an adventure. This is the perfect time of our lives to do these things! Go bananas! However, there are a few things that I wish I had known during my travels that I now know and wish to share with all of the millennials on the move.

millennial on the move
By: Michal Kulesza

Collect mementos

Collect items that really fit in with where you are and I don’t mean those things that you go and find in a touristy gift shop. No, I’m talking about items that when you look back at them years later, you remember a memory that connects to where you were and who you were surrounded by. My best friend collects sand from beaches she visits and keeps them in her bathroom. I personally think it’s weird, but it is special to her and connects her back to a memory she was able to make on the beach. This needs to be something that you make a connection with. Also, be sure to keep all of these things in a special place, like a box or container because if you’re a millennial on the move, you’re going to be moving around quite a bit and you don’t want to lose these precious items.

Rent Furniture

The amount of heartache, stress and anxiety over moving/buying furniture that could have been saved blows my mind. I recently had the opportunity of partnering with CORT Furniture Rental, who saves you from the time and hassle of dealing with furniture. When you’re a millennial on the move, you shouldn’t have to think about lugging around all of your stuff. CORT can provide you with furniture when you need it and remove it when you no longer need it. They are the BEST company to keep in mind when you’re going from adventure to adventure and actually need things to sleep or sit on. There are even move-in ready packages available! Now is not the time to think about purchasing furniture but rather the time to put that money towards exploring the world. CORT can even be found internationally, so there are literally no worries.  They have flexible leases, professional setup, 48-Hour delivery and no credit checks. This would have been so nice to know when I moved into my third-floor apartment in 100+ degree weather.

Keep an adult yearbook


You remember in middle school when you would get your yearbook and you wanted to have all of your friends to write something memorable in it? Why should we stop doing this? This is something I didn’t think of until my last year of college and came to realize how important it is to me. Find an empty journal and have people that truly inspired you to write something in it that you can keep and reflect on when you are in different moments of your life. One of my old professors wrote something to me that really gave me the inspiration to continue on with my graduate degree. One of my friends wrote something that gave me the courage to deal with some family issues. As my father always says, you can learn something from everyone you come across, whether that be a billionaire or a homeless man on the street. Everyone has something to teach you. So take the words of wisdom with you for every adventure.

Say yes to everything

This can sound exhausting but honestly when will you have an experience like that again? Take advantage of the time wherever you are and whoever you’re with. A chance to go skydiving? Say yes. Asked if you want to milk a cow? Say yes. If a Man asks you to get in his van in an unfamiliar city? Say no. Please please please be cautious with this. Yes, I’m saying to make memories but don’t make potential Lifetime movies.

Be in the moment

living as a millennial on the move

By: Benjamin Combs

Don’t think about what could be going wrong or something you may have due in the future. Be in the moment. I feel like out of all of the things I learned; this is the biggest! There have been so many times that I was in a place and didn’t take the time to appreciate it or go out and explore the town. Get to really know the locals because they’re the ones that can truly show you how great a place is. It wasn’t until months later when I was back home or somewhere else that I realized how much I regretted not fully immersing myself at the moment. Not only should you be in the moment but you also should be able to take some lessons from the place. Most times when I travel somewhere, I learn something more about myself. Your 20s is the time to really get to know yourself and learn about who you really are. So use these adventures as a time to really connect with yourself and learn about the world.

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Are you a millennial on the move and have some advice for other millennials? Be sure to share it below in the comments section!

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The Life of a Millennial on the Move

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