What to Expect from Miley Cyrus’s Latest Fashion Collaboration

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Miley Cyrus at New York Fashion week
New York Fashion Week is about to get turnt up.

This year’s MTV’s Video Music Awards made major headlines for fashion, and refreshingly enough, family and feminism. Beyonce and Taylor Swift both proved that being yourself on stage is a better and more honest performance than posing to please the “haters” that’ll hate anyway.

No stranger to the gossip around Tinsel town, Miley Cyrus sparked some newsworthy talk, centered around her friend, designer-to-the-stars, Jeremy Scott. Scott revealed on the red carpet that he and Miley will be collaborating on a collection this fall for New York Fashion Week. Confirmed by both Cosmo and MTV News, fans can expect to see some “cool kid” trends hitting the catwalk this September. Scott is familiar with celebrity collaboration. Katy Perry and Rita Ora have been featured in Scott’s fashion shows and Scott has even teamed up with rapper A$AP Rocky for an exclusive sneaker line featuring shoes with wings.

So what’s to be expected from this renegade fashion god and our generation’s self-proclaimed wild child? Miley’s 2009 collaboration with Max Azria for Walmart featured sweeter, more innocent fashion picks such as printed Ts and jean shorts, catering to the young Miley followers at the time. The Hannah Montana star transitioned from the girl-next-door to the party animal ruling the block, with her blunt blonde locks and midriff-baring ensembles. Now that Miley’s proven she’s into a rougher, hard edge fashion, featuring combat boots and crop tops for days, we can expect more interesting and intricate pieces than stars and stripes tank tops. The pop star has been setting the trends on dancing, selfies (think a lot of tongue), and hair styles. No doubt Miley will dream up some interesting and eye-opening fashion choices for her fans.

Miley Cyrus
So Miley.

Miley’s street style lately has all about 90’s grunge — lots of rips, holes, and mesh for a not-so-subtle flash of skin. Never a stranger to showing what she’s got, she’s often caught strutting her toned legs in minidresses and cut-off jerseys. This collaboration seems to be a match made in heaven, considering Scott’s pre-fall 2014 Moschino collection featured letterman jackets, sophisticated quilting, and just a little bit of brand-dropping.

Recently named Moschino’s new creative director, Scott paraded a humorous yet stylish ready-to-wear collection down the runway, with a “mutant hybrid of Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel.”

Jeremy Scott fashion
“Jeremy Scott is fashion’s most evolved connoisseur of junk culture.”

Scott represents a major Italian fashion label, and Miley is no slouch herself when it comes to wearing sophisticated brands and making a statement — no matter the number of holes in her jeans. Putting these two together is bound to create some outrageously chic sparks that will have fans and celebs alike applauding. And twerking. Miley’s brand, as contested as it may be, connects with millions of young people — she’s cultivated such a massive following because she’s fun, free, and frankly doesn’t give a damn whether you find her appealing or not. Both Cyrus and Scott know how to market themselves, and they’re scoring major fashion points for breaking all of the rules. Millennials don’t feel like they’re bound by the same rules of older generations, and Miley’s rambunctious attitude and F-the-world mentality appeals to lots of young people who feel like they’re part of something new and fresh.

Whether you’re 100% Miley or just approve of a few pieces here or there, you’re sure to find something to appreciate in her latest collab. Scott’s drama and Miley’s — shall we call it, fun-loving attitude? — will smash Lincoln Center like a wrecking ball.

Read here for more info about team Cyrus and Scott and Jeremy Scott’s red carpet interview.

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