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H2-Woah: 6 Fun Facts About Your Fluid Intake

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The subject of health comes up a lot throughout the year. January heralds the resolution crew signing up to the gym and taking advantage of the offers available. The “bikini body” propaganda is at the ready with the latest and greatest articles in magazines and on social media, telling you how to get yourself ready for summer. We’re surrounded by facts and figures about our health on a daily basis so it makes sense that we should educate ourselves about what to do to be healthier. It also helps that fitness comes with cool gadgets now, such as the Fitbit and the many apps to help us learn to run effectively.

fluid intake

Working out and your health are important but there’s one key factor most people forget about when it comes to getting health smart, and that’s water. It’s a serious subject—enough that there’s a whole month dedicated to drinking water in various parts of the world to raise awareness about its importance. There are even companies that manufacture fancy containers to make drinking water easier for you. Choosing the best water bottle depends on whether you are being eco-friendly and reusing the same one or you just need something pretty to remind yourself to keep drinking your recommended daily amount. So, what do you need to know about the liquid luck that keeps us alive?

Fact 1: We Can’t Go Without It

The average human being could go without food for an entire month, but you wouldn’t last a week without water. That doesn’t mean substituting water with coffee, carbonated drinks, or juice will do the same job.

Fact 2: It’s In Our Bodies

Our bodies are made of 70% water. That doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking water to lose weight; in fact, that will have the opposite effect. We need water intake to stay up so that we can sweat, urinate and keep our brains hydrated enough to think!

Fact 3: It’s In Our Heads

Our brains are almost entirely constructed of water. 80% of it is water, which is why staying hydrated keeps us lively and awake. It’s nourishing for us and our brains to keep drinking.

Fact 4: There is Such a Thing as Too Much of a Good Thing…

Too much water is NOT good for us. There’s a recommended daily amount of two litres a day that should be drunk to keep us going. Going too far above that can be dangerous and you can poison yourself with too much. Read a little more about that here.

fluid intake

Fact 5: It Cleanses Your Body, Inside and Out

Drinking water flushes toxins out of your body and clears your skin and teeth. If you are looking for ways to improve greasy skin on your face, start by upping your water intake and decreasing the amount of sugary drinks you eat. We wear what we eat and drink and not just on our hips; our faces are a clear (or not) indication of our health.

Fact 6: It Helps Your Eyes!

Water is the cure for dull eyes. When the whites of your eyes aren’t looking healthy, it’s a sign of dehydration. Go grab a glass now!

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Water is important and understanding why is the first step to improving your health.


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