Cutting Down on Food Expenses

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Woman at a FridgeI frequently ask and give out tips for savings on grocery bills and cheap eats. It simply amazes me how something that is very common sense to me isn’t very common at all to others and vice versa. Sometimes people give me advice that they have been using for the better half of their lives that I would’ve never thought of.  This article will feature some of my best tidbits on cutting down on food prices.


When shopping for a particular meat I grab the cheapest pack. It only takes about two minutes to weed out the really expensive packs. Picking the most inexpensive meat pack will save on average $2-$3. When buying certain meats such as pork chops, opt for a cheaper cut. Instead of buying pork chops, I buy scaloppini. Scaloppini is a thin cut of pork. Scaloppini has advantages that include shorter cook and thaw time, and cheaper in price.

Deep Freezer

I have recently invested in a deep freezer. I purchased the upright freezer so that I wouldn’t have to dig under pounds of meat or forget about previously purchased items as dealt with using a chest freezer. I am an avid couponer and I really dislike when I don’t have room in my freezer to stock up on a really good deal. The deep freezer has also allowed me to stay stocked on meats and frozen food. Every time I go to the store I buy $5-$10 worth of meats to put in the deep freezer. It has been under a month since I bought the freezer and it is almost fully stocked.

Coupon Buying

I know what you are thinking, who would buy coupons? Well, I do. I gratefully buy $5-$10 worth of coupons in turn to save over $50. My most recent deal with coupons was $2 for razor coupons; in turn I bought a $7 BIC razor set for .70. I have tried coupon services, but currently I am addicted to eBay. I simply type in the coupon name in the search box and ta-da. I am able to bid, and also buy it now as with any auction on eBay. It is easy, accepts PayPal, and features quick shipping.

Sometimes you have to spend a little more money to get the full benefits of couponing. If you have tons of coupons for a frozen food item but can only buy two then you are missing out. If you have a ton of freezer space with no coupons, then once again you are missing out. I bought my freezer from craigslist. A lovely couple who were downsizing sold it to me and they still had all the original paperwork.

Deal of the week: BIC Razors $3.70 (at the commissary so not full retail), with $3 coupon, total .70

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