Millennial Mindset: What Are You Getting Out of Your Friendship?

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I was speaking with a friend who was telling me about a new friendship of hers that had gone wrong. When I say gone wrong, I mean dealing with a girl whom she called a friend but when she thought about it, she was doing all the heavy lifting in their relationship while her so-called friend was only taking consistently.

Since I feel that I have had several friendships like this in my life, I dared to ask her “What are you getting out of the friendship?” While this may seem like an absurd question to ask oneself, I believe that if you ask yourself this question more often you could avoid many negative relationships.

Since starting a business of my own, I felt that it changed my view of the world completely. Just about everything around us is some business transaction and the relationships we have been no different. When you meet someone new, you should think how will this person benefit me? When I say this I mean a friend should make you better than before. They should inspire you to be better with their accomplishments or teach you something new, and of course if they are friends with you, they should be benefiting from the relationship as well.

However, if you begin a friendship trying to help someone because they are lost and you one day realize that all you are doing is helping them solve one problem after another. Not only does this slow you down from your goals and achievements, but it is the equivalent of making an investment in something in which you will never see the return. Don’t sell yourself short for the sake of companionship, be a little picky and befriend those who deserve your friendship.

While it may seem harsh at first to weed out the bad friends, once you do your life will illuminate. I am a witness to when you surround yourself with enthusiastic, motivated, and active people, you will grow and flourish because of this.

As I stated previously, this is something I know firsthand, and you will be surprised how easy it is to reach success when you have the right team of people surrounding you and cheering you on. But first you have to have that simple question; “What am I getting out of my friendship?”