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2 Diets That Can Benefit the Whole Family

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Sometimes it can be really hard to maintain a healthy weight when we are cooking for a family that doesn’t enjoy low-calorie dinners. However, there are a few diets which can be delicious for the whole family and help you stay on top of your weight loss goals.

diets for whole family

1. Clean Eating

This isn’t so much a weight loss diet, it is more about your health than anything else. You will notice that you naturally lose weight as your body will be able to process things better. Clean eating means avoiding processed foods. So that can of baked beans is out; instead, you would make your own delicious version. Essentially, anything that has gone through a chemical process is a big no no. You will find yourself eating lots of healthy, organic vegetables and staying clear of sugary foods or meats that have been through a chemical process.

You don’t have to be the next Gordon Ramsey to enjoy clean eating. It is just a simple elimination of products which aren’t fresh or good for you. You can still eat bread too, which is a bonus, you just need to bake it yourself. Don’t let that put you off. Baking bread is something our grandparents used to do every day. Prep the dough before you go to bed (takes about 25 minutes) then leave it to rise over night. It needs around 40 minutes in the oven.  Better still get a bread machine. You can set it on timer so it gets up and bakes a fresh loaf for you to have at breakfast.

2. Go Paleo

diets for whole family

If you want to take the idea of clean eating and kick it up a notch, you could consider the Paleo diet. Paleo is essentially taking our diets back to how they were before we discovered farming. Right back to when humans were hunter gatherers. Our bodies were made to run and our stomachs only at foods we could prepare by hands or eat raw. So bread is very much out of the equation. It might sound hard to follow but there are some amazing ideas on Our Paleo Life. The recipes here will show you that it is possible, and safe, to feed your whole family.

Final Thoughts

With either of these lifestyles you could eat as much as you like and see if you naturally lose weight. You should see some changes even if you aren’t cutting back on the amounts you eat. Most of the nutrients and vitamins you get on a clean or paleo diet are really great and helping your body digest and naturally detox itself. As a result you will notice you retain less water and feel more energetic. You can also be sure your children are eating foods which don’t contain harmful chemicals, there has been a lot of positive research on a clean diet for children with ADHD, especially if you are including lots of Omega 3 Fatty Acid foods.

If you do need to cut back a little, then you can just work on your portion control whilst still enjoying the same meals as you children and partner.