Top 5 Movies about Successful Women

It brings the viewers a strong female character in the face of Elle Woods, who managed to succeed in a field she’d never expected to.

Legally Blonde

Diane Keaton’s character in this movie is management consultant J.C. Wiatt who dedicates her entire time to her upscale job.

Baby Boom

This classic movie from the late 80’s brings us the character of Tess McGill, who sends the viewers a message of taking a chance.

Working Girl

Becky Fuller, is a hungry for success, hard-working TV producer of a local news program, who loses her job at the beginning of the movie.

Morning Glory

Featuring powerful female roles: Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley, a formidable editor, and Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, showcasing perseverance and growth.

Devil Wears Prada

Top 5 Movies about Successful Women